Yield Better Results from your Content Marketing by Having a Strategy

Content marketing should be part of any company’s promotion arsenal. And it is; however there are businesses that thrive off of content marketing while others struggle to capture attention. In most cases the difference is made by the content marketing strategy. The definition of content marketing strategy looks something like this:

“A strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience — and ultimately, to drive profitable customer action.”

The strategy encompasses a target market, identification of the audience’s preferences or needs, creation of content specific to these needs and a well structured plan to distribute this content.

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The actionable steps you can take for a better content marketing strategy are:

· Research keywords for your niche so that your content will be prioritized in search engines

· Think in advance of topics of discussion for blog posts, videos, podcasts, infographics or whatever you decide on publishing regularly

· Create a social media schedule for content sharing with one month in advance

· Plan ahead your cornerstone events, webinars or announcements. Think of how you will promote these and use your other content to enhance the impact of important events.

· Take into consideration changes you might need to make to your website or create new landing pages for your content marketing strategy

· Look at your competitors, influencers and other content examples outside of your industry to draw inspiration from

The purpose is to find a balance where all of your content fits into your narrative for your product or service. The published content should accurately reflect the vision of the brand behind the product.

Evaluate and Repeat

Evaluating your content marketing strategy is just as important as having one. Once you start implementing your strategy, make sure you are tracking how well the overall strategy is doing in helping you meet your marketing goals. Pay attention to metrics at each stage of a customer’s journey. If there is a problem somewhere along the way, you will be able to quickly identify it and eliminate the issue.

While strategizing and planning is essential, it is just the theoretical part of content marketing strategy. The final element of crafting a winning strategy and excelling at content marketing is execution.

Try different approaches and don’t shy away from novel ideas. Experiment with different tools and keep track how your target market reacts. And repeat, until you find an optimal set of content pieces and schedule to appease the audience. However do not stop even if you feel like you’ve found the optimal formula. Content marketing strategy is an on-going process that will always be in need of tweaks as your business grows.

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