Why Quality Content is the Best Marketing Tool for a Real Estate Agent

Sly tactics and techniques have a short lifespan and limited effectiveness in a real estate digital marketing strategy. Especially on social platforms, these fail to attain desirable results, since people can easily spot quality content from automated algorithms.

High quality, relevant content will always make its way to the top. Good content gets people interested, generates awareness and brings visibility for your brand.

While traditional marketing techniques aim to primarily grab the attention, modern digital marketing focuses on providing the most value.

Real estate agents work with people and offer a service that is based on trust and customer relations. Reputation is built by establishing yourself as someone who is vested in the community.

As a real estate agent, you provide expertise for a process most people have to go through in their lifetime. Most prospects want to know the details before committing to any kind of real estate transaction and they can benefit from your expertise.

Some content ideas that real estate agents can use for their content marketing:

  • Sharing helpful articles about home buying and personal finance
  • Write about the market in a thought piece on LinkedIn
  • Promote real estate related community events
  • Present data and surveys related to real estate
  • Organize contests

Social, Visual and Blog Content

Use visual content to reach your target audience. Leverage social media to post listings with high quality photography. Social platforms like Facebook support panoramic and 3D views, which are especially appealing and functional in the real estate industry.

This won’t necessarily impact direct sales, but with the right audience it will provide your profile visibility and credibility.

Blogging is a great tool to share your knowledge. With quality writing you prove your value to clients and can establish yourself as a thought leader within the industry. Regular blogging will enhance any real estate digital marketing strategy and help bring in more leads. As you blog, you set up a funnel to bring in people at different stages of the buying process, from awareness to decision.

Amplify the reach of your blog content with social media. Make posts about them or include links to them in your captions. These will serve as CTA’s to send people to your website. To generate engagement you can use social platforms to ask what your followers would like to read about.

Another effective marketing strategy is to post customer-related or user-generated content. This strategy has proven to be useful across many industries. People may post on social media after the purchase or sale of a home. Repost their content or ask if you can create one with them.

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