Why is Website Structure Important for SEO?

A good website structure is essential for the overall success in search rankings. It’s all about organizing pages in a way that it’s easy for users to find what they need. Search engines’ requirements stem from their users’ interests. When you think of a SEO-friendly website structure, it also means user-friendly.

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  • A good structure also helps avoid duplicated pages and duplicated content.
  • SEO has a better impact when keywords are well distributed across different webpages — with different keywords placed on relevant landing pages.
  • If Google sends a user to a wrong page of a well-structured website, the user will easily navigate to the content they need.
  • As a result, the structure provides better user experience, enhancing a website’s behavioural signals to search engines.
  • Finally, it improves conversion. A website that enables seamless interaction and navigation will also keep its visitors and convert them to customers.

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