Why Do Logistics Companies Need to Use Social Media?

Logistics is one of the industries that don’t attract a lot of public attention. As such it has struggled to gain recognition from the general audience. It is hard for an outsider to get a clear overview of the logistics industry, and typically only those on the inside get to know the intricacies of the industry.

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  • Use valuable information on accidents or other unforeseen freight transportation issues from social media and to re-route deliveries, change the delivery schedules, or inform your customers about the circumstances.
  • Always have the latest notifications about real-time weather conditions and other natural aspects that might affect your delivery schedules and take necessary precautions.
  • Leverage social media as a platform to collect insights and knowledge from customers and business leaders.
  • Use social data to improve your risk identification system and find issues in your supply chain.
  • Social media provides your company reviews and feedback from your business partners and customers. With a proactive approach you can immediately address them and improve your own processes to provide a better service. With an open mind towards reviews, you can enhance your relationship with your business partners and customers.

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