Why Content Marketing is Well Suited for Service Providers

Different to products, services are more abstract, less tangible and often require additional clarification. This becomes a challenge to overcome when it comes to marketing, since building trust and proving expertise are critical.

Good content fits in very well within the marketing strategy of service providers. You can highlight your specialized knowledge, and create content that speaks to the audience’s wants and needs. Service providers can reach their audience in a cost effective manner and prove their credibility right from the start.

Challenges for Marketing Services

A lot of what works for product marketing, has to be adjusted or completely re-designed when it comes to marketing services. For instance, products can be displayed online or in-store, send it to content producers for reviews or distribute free samples. This isn’t doable with services.

The nature of services means that a prospect needs to go through the experience or process to understand the value of the service. Potential customers cannot touch, see or return a service. As a result, the perception of risk is much more nuanced before making a purchase decision, making customer trust a critical component for success.

Furthermore, explaining and breaking down a service is often more complex. When customer wants a laptop, they might know what specifications are good enough for them. However, once one is looking for a financial consultation or insurance coverer, that’s when the information can quickly become overwhelming.

Content Marketing for Service Providers

Marketing your service requires space. Content marketing is a cost-effective method that allows companies to forego paid ads. Utilize your online assets like your own website and social media presence. Online, the space and promotion is relatively cheap and has no upper limits on reach.

Your online web space can be used to give potential customers a glimpse of the service or how it solves their needs. Provide your customers with educational information relevant to the topic at hand. By focusing on consumer needs, you get a head start on customer satisfaction and trust. As a service provider you come across as someone who is genuinely interested in helping, rather than just being focused on their own gains — one of the greatest challenges in sales and marketing.

Further added value is provided to content marketing from social media. As long as your content is relevant, valuable and interesting, your audience will be more than willing to help with distributing it for free. Recommendations by friends are regarded by many as trustworthy, and those “Likes” and “Shares” are signals for personal endorsement.

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