What you need to boost your content management system

Have you noticed how TV commercials and internet ads have started to focus on one thing more in the last couple of years than ever before. It’s something that in the past would not be appealing to the average Joe, but that in 2017 it’s almost turning into a necessity based on how aggressive marketing firms have been about it. You might be thinking off the top of your head something like a new soda, car, or gadget. And you would be wrong. The answer is CMS.

What’s that? Content management systems! For the average person it would be WordPress which creeps into to the top of their mind. But, there are more alternatives to Wordpress, such as Joomla, Drupal, or Wix to name a few. They are normally associated and marketed as website creation tools in order to appeal to the masses, but they are so much more than that. Content management systems (CMS) have become increasingly popular and more people are starting to use them in an age where not having a website could be considered search engine harakiri. They are constantly promoted to not need any help from professionals and that anyone can go about building a website effortlessly. What they usually forget to mention is that there is a little thing called search engine optimization that you need to take into account if you want Google or Bing to notice you and showcase your newly created website. In order to have an SEO optimized site, you will surely need a lot more than the basic setup of a CMS.

Pick a theme, but not just any theme

One of the most essential things to bring people to a site and engage them is to have an eye-catching website which is easy to get around and which provides a great user experience. This is accomplished by choosing the right theme. Themes will usually come with page builders that will definitely help you with the layout of your website. Most of them come with drag and drop functionality which makes it quite simple to play around with your website until you find the ideal setup and layout. Take some time to research what themes are out there for the CMS you have chosen and find out what resources said theme comes with and/or supports, especially when it comes to plugins.

Did someone say plugins?

Why, as a matter of fact, we did. Plugins are essential to the success of a website. While themes come with an array of tools that make building pages rather easy there are some tools that many do not include. You should find yourself looking for plugins that can help you set up an online shop, make forms, or create sliders (they make your page more dynamic). As you complete your website, you will find out what other plugins you will need to optimize your site and make for excellent user experience. Word of advice: pick the theme and use the plugins the company who created the theme recommends. This will save you a lot of headaches in the long run as they are highly probable to be compatible with the theme you have selected, whether it be a free or paid one.

What about SEO tools?

SEO plugins are some of the most crucial ones you need to have if you are serious about getting noticed by search engines. Search engine optimization plugins will help you analyze how your posts are being seen by search engines and how you can optimize your website. Additionally, they usually come with analytics tools that will help you understand how a website is performing and where it could get stronger.

Boost your speed with caching plugins

Page loading speed is one of the most crucial aspects of a website. When a page takes too long to load it could lead to visitors bouncing from the site and not getting a chance to actually enjoy what you have to offer them. Another issue is updating websites when you make changes and not having them show up could be incredibly frustrating. Both of these things have to do with the cache. Caching plugins help make your website load faster and make the user experience more enjoyable. Additionally, these types of plugins help you automatically update your website whenever you make a change, ensuring that old content is removed.

Website creation has become a whole lot easier as technology has improved and companies have created tools to help anyone get their page up and running. From plugins and themes, to search engine optimization tools, being online is easier than ever before. However, SEO might require a little bit more professional help in the beginning while you get used to how it really works. Finally, for beginners, it would be wise to check out “The SEO ‘no-no’ test” by ReputationDefender to understand what kind of mistakes you should avoid.



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