What is the most effective digital marketing for your company?

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In the past ten years, a great increasing in marketing technology vendors have made even more complicated for all sorts of businesses to decide which advertising opportunity will be the best for them. You know that ads are very important and effective for the success of your company, so choosing the right way of digital advertising has become a crucial decision. To make this decision, you should ask yourselves first which your target group of people is, and how you want to reach them. This article will present you some of the options for digital marketing, and which businesses could benefit more from each of opportunity.

Nowadays, all kind of businesses are using Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc., to promote their brands. Nevertheless, a very few companies are aware of the use of these platforms, and they do not know how to be updated about the continuous changes of social media. Principally, because no one exactly understands how they work at all. Digital ads on Social Media are most of the time Pay-Per-Click (PPC) or Pay-Per-Impression models, meaning that companies pay for what they get. Two of the most popular social media sites are Facebook and Twitter, so let’s give a closer look at them.

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This social network uses ads that are similar to Google PPC campaigns. That’s to say your business can bid for clicks or impressions on different keywords, then display ads on the right side bar of Facebook site. Furthermore, there is a new way of ads on Facebook which is to put ads on the news feed when a company has an active Facebook page. The latter marketing strategy has given better Return On Investment (ROI) than the ads on the right bar. To make ads more suitable for this social media, and to have more success in your ad campaign, you should always make them with images and photos that attract people’s attention.

As Facebook has a great quantity of users, it is an excellent opportunity for B2C marketers (Business-to-Consumer). However, more and more B2B (Business-to- Business) marketers are getting on this social media ads; since it is well-known Facebook is a platform with influence all over the world.

Even digital advertisings on Twitter have similarities with the ads on Facebook, they are different in concept. Contrary to Facebook ads, the ones on Twitter are not totally into the concept of advertising. On Twitter, you are paying for prominence, so it is what you usually tweet, but this is put in a more noticeable spot. Therefore, ads are really part of your normal Twitter feed, and should not change to a sales domain.

You should use digital advertising on Twitter if you have a solid strategy on this social network, but you do not have enough traction on it. Promoting your posts to the right audience is your way of cutting through the logjam of influencers and exposes potential customers to your social voice.

This is a relative new form of digital advertising. Interstitial ads are promoting pages that appear previously to the page you actually want to visit. This type of ads has pros and cons: its biggest pro is that ads will be seen almost for sure. And its biggest con is the annoyance it cause on clients. In consequence, marketers have turned efforts into mobile platforms. There, they catch people’s attention instantly, having an increasing success.

Your business can only make its move to mobile ads if it has the resources to make it right. Otherwise, it will cause the same annoyance of its prior equals. Your company has to see mobile ads as a possibility to show creative and unique content to the clients and not as just another annoy pop up advertise.

Although Banner ads have been criticized lately for their poor results in CTR (Click-through rate), they still prevail as an excellent form for building visual branding and reaching a highly targeted audience. Besides, Banner ads allow advertisers to choose where they want their ads, so they can go for a specific demographic audience. As it was said in the first sentence, these digital ads are getting some trouble with CTR’s. That’s why businesses picking this type of ads should elaborate advanced campaigns where they can adopt ads such as offbeat banners, Skittles’ interactive, or powerful, fold-dominating movie posters.

If you have a well established business with a solid ad budget, these digital ads will work for you. In addition, your company needs to have an acutely clear idea of what is your target audience and how you want to reach them. If your company has a clear definition of these two points, there can be a great advertisement campaign where banners ads will be important.

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