What is the Impact of Positive and Negative Reviews on your Business

The online world has expanded to become a powerful platform for consumers to share and express their opinions. Taking this into consideration, consumers and users have now a much bigger impact as they can influence the public perception of a business. Subsequently, companies need to take an active approach in managing their reviews and reputation.

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  • Reputational risk: Negative reviews cause potential customers to trust a business less.
  • Hard to fix: Having an abundance of negative reviews makes it difficult to regain trust and rebrand.
  • Higher ranking: Google, for example, wants to offer its users the best solution to their needs. Positive reviews will signal to Google that your company is best suited for a particular user query.
  • Easy to maintain: It’s cheaper to manage and maintain a positive online reputation than it is to repair a negative one or go through a rebranding process.

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