What Is Online Reputation and The Importance Of Social Media In Managing It

Two vital elements in digital marketing are trust and recognition that brands or companies generate online. And this refers to online reputation, as a set of elements that represent the prestige of a brand or person on the network.

Do you know what digital reputation is? In today’s post, we explain its importance and the impact of social media platforms on your online reputation

What is online reputation?

We understand online reputation or digital reputation as the image or perception that is publicly held of your business or company. This is usually formed from the content available on the network and the feedback that users generate according to their own experiences.

And what does feedback have to do with it? It is more important than you might think. Just think about the widespread use of social networks to give opinions and leave ratings about brands, and the great influence it has on purchasing decisions.

No matter how small your business is, in the online world there will always be comments about you and you can’t control that. But you can turn it around with the reactions to those opinions, turning them into opportunities to improve your company’s online reputation.

The importance of online reputation

Studies confirm it — 74% of consumers perform a Google search before buying a product or service. 90% of consumers also trust their friends, 78% check reviews from unknown Internet users and 16% check brand advertising.

More than 60% of consumers say they stay away from a brand if they find a majority of negative comments, while about 15% distrust if they find no reviews or traces of buyers.

But, in addition to the above, digital reputation is important for the following reasons:

  • Online research carries more weight every day. If your brand is not well valued and negative comments are easily accessible, it is very likely that the user will choose another option.
  • Online reputation and SEO are closely linked. The more inbound links and positive ratings your website has, the more likely you are to appear in the top positions of the search engine, generating a greater flow of visits.
  • It influences our prestige and brand image. The comments about your brand or company, directly influence the positioning and the “mental image” in the consumers.
  • Loyalty. A good online reputation leads to user loyalty and even public recommendation.
  • User trust. We can say that digital reputation is a constant circle: good comments about our company, more trust from users, more comparisons, more loyalty and, again, more positive comments.

The role of social networks in the reputation of your company

Although most of the reputation of an online business derives from its attitudes, the way it operates or specific actions at specific times — which sometimes have more results than the work of years — social networks are the loudspeaker that gives rise to the image that the public has of your company. And it is clear that they are a loudspeaker of many decibels, so many that sometimes it is impossible to control them.

In addition to being the loudspeaker for businesses and their respective target, they are also, in themselves, a perfect weapon to generate or modify the image of any company. But beware, sometimes it is also a double-edged sword where you can prepare a magnificent blow and end up screwing up, or on the contrary: “screw up” and get out of the mess in question absolutely airtight, leaving your reputation far above what it was before the problem.

The crux of the matter lies in a balanced management of your accounts in the networks, an optimal relationship with users and a constant resolution of any issue that may arise in the day to day life of community managers.