What Is Online Marketing And Why Is It So Important For Us?

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What exactly does online marketing mean?

Online marketing describes all marketing activities for customer acquisition and customer loyalty that a company implements on the Internet. Classic examples are a company’s own website, an e-mail newsletter or a fan page on social networks such as Facebook.

However, online marketing measures go far beyond pure content creation. Online marketing includes various techniques and measures to create online projects (such as websites, stores, apps, etc.), to make them known, to bring them closer to a target group and to market them according to current and proven methods — so that set goals can be achieved effectively and efficiently.

The tasks of an online marketing also include search engine optimization and search engine advertising, social media marketing, maintaining entries in directory media and Google My Business, managing customer ratings, and evaluating and optimizing all ongoing marketing measures.

Just like marketing in real life, only that everything happens online: Changes to the system have a direct impact and the entire environment is simply insanely fast-moving.

Why is online marketing so important?

Half the world is now happening on the Internet. The world’s top-selling tech companies have been replaced by the Internet giants. Google, Amazon, Facebook, Netflix, Snapchat, Instagram and many other apps have been conquering smartphones and the broad mass of society for years, and online business is booming like never before.

Anyone who does not publicize their business on the Internet these days will sooner or later lose out, or at least remain at the same level as before. In a globalized society that is constantly evolving at a rapid pace, however, that would be more than risky.

It’s basically so simple — if you want to strengthen your brand or sell products and services, you have to beat the advertising drum. This has always been the case and applies offline as well as online.

Thanks to extensive networking, flexible retrieval times and the accessibility of an ever-growing audience on different platforms, completely new methods and practices are emerging through the Internet, with which reaches become accessible that would never have been tangible in real life. In my opinion, anyone with an Internet connection, some know-how and enough entrepreneurial initiative can be successful today and reach an audience of millions.

6 Reasons Why You Should Invest In Online Marketing Measures

1. Higher audience reach

With search engine advertising (SEA), companies can reach even more Internet users cost-effectively, in a targeted manner around the clock.

2. More visibility

Pick up potential customers before they go to the competition! Four out of five consumers search for information about local services or products in their area on the Internet first. Search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine advertising (SEA) increase the visibility of your website on search engines.

3. Perfect targeting

Modern targeting techniques increase the efficiency of customer acquisition and retention. By precisely determining different target groups in search engines and social media channels, you always play out individual and highly relevant content, which has a positive effect on lead generation.

4. Interaction & feedback

Online marketing always delivers feedback. Ideally, this is a click and a visit to the company’s website. But also the following visit duration on the website or the interaction with an advertising medium (longer viewing) can be measured. You can and should evaluate these factors in order to optimize them further.

Moreover, communication with the target audience has never been easier than now — thanks to the multitude of social media platforms where direct communication between the brand and customer is made possible.

5. Accurate measurement of success

Analysis and tracking tools allow you to measure the success of online campaigns in real time. In search engine marketing and social media marketing, this means you can always keep an eye on the return on advertising spend (ROAS) and can intervene in good time to adjust and optimize campaigns.

6. Better budgeting and cost advantage

Online marketing is cheaper than traditional marketing. Thanks to the exact measurement of success, the online marketing budget can be ideally controlled. If you know how expensive a conversion is, you can adjust your advertising budget accordingly.

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