What Is Local SEO And How To Do It?

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3 min readApr 20, 2021


When we talk about SEO, it comes to mind the creation of a blog and the search for keywords that help us to improve conversion, however, many times users are not only looking for information or buy something but also do it to locate where is what they need.

After all, who has not searched where something is in a city?

What is local SEO?

Local search engine optimization is a branch of SEO that focuses on optimizing a website so that you can be found in local search results, local customers rely heavily on the internet tool to find any information they need, so it is time to gain visibility in the search results pages.

It is a set of techniques to increase the visibility of a website in relevant searches for users based on the current geographic location or to make the website of a company that has a physical store or provides a service in a specific geographic area to be found by customers who are near that area and perform searches related to that business.

That is the main goal of local SEO, to make it possible for users to quickly find you in a specific geographic location.

Why is local SEO important?

Nowadays we do not talk about companies without mentioning the tangible and remarkable presence of the Internet. This digital media has made many companies survive or be recognized.

Here are some important points about local SEO.

  • Half of the people who made a local search on their phone have visited a physical store in one day.
  • You can strongly capture the traffic of users who are very close to your company.
  • You get a better communication relationship between company and customer by targeting the latter who are closer to you and generate more trust.
  • Better relevance of your digital domain, which will give you more advantage when trying a general SEO positioning.

How can you do local SEO of your website?

1. The first place is to have a website

Now you may be thinking — it is obvious to have a website. But there are also many people who are looking to do local SEO without a website. So the first step is to have or make a website.

2. Always use the same NAP (name, address and phone number)

You always have to use the same NAP so that users who search for you are not confused and have clear where to look for you, do not just put it in one place. Place it in several places so that people can see it clearly and without complications.

3. Register in Google my business

If you have a physical company it is essential to have it on Google my business, not only will you appear when people search for you, you will also appear on Google maps when they search for your business or keywords.

4. Invite your customers to leave their reviews

It is good to have reviews, as it is very beneficial for you, so users who search for you and want to know about your company if the reviews are positive, you can attract more people and you can have a direct integration with the customer.

5. Put a Google map on your website to see where you are located

It is always good to make sure of everything. Have a Google map on your website and have a pin on your business so people can see exactly where your business is, so that customers don’t waste time looking for it.



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