What do digital marketers need to know about millennials?

Marketing firms have a lot to worry about nowadays. Long gone are the days when an advertising campaign could be focused on the same audience because no matter the demographic they all shared the same interests and overall values. The Baby Boomer generation came into relevance in the 60’s and they presented some challenges to marketers, but not something to really worry about. Fast forward to 2017 and the industry’s biggest and perhaps most complicated challenge: appealing to millennials.

Millennials are a demographic that the marketing industry has never had to face in the past. In the past, you could create a campaign and you knew it would reach a fairly large group of people. Nowadays, that won’t fly. If millennials are known for anything it’s for their determinedness to be seen and respected as unique individuals and not as part of a crowd. This uniqueness brings forth some serious brainstorming for marketers in order to reach the coveted 18–37-year-old customers. In order to do so, marketing firms must take some crucial things into consideration. ReputationDefender is here to give some insights into how marketers can reach millennials without making them feel just like one of the bunch.

Get off the tube

Millennials don’t watch TV. There’s a reason streaming services like Netflix and Hulu have become the leaders in capturing audiences and why channels are getting off basic cable and launching their own streaming apps. Millennials decide what to watch and more importantly when to watch it. If your digital marketing campaign does not concentrate significant effort and resources to mobile devices and small screens you can be sure that your client will not sell as much as those who have embraced mobility. Millennials have made the smartphone the king of content and marketers better wise up to this fact and embrace it and it seems they have.

The last couple of years have shown an increase in mobile marketing investments. According to a recent survey, small and medium-sized business are looking to invest more in mobile marketing in 2017 than ever before. Millennials and how they have decidedly chosen to obtain their content on handheld and portable devices surely played a role in this decision.

Value is not measured in dollar signs

Another challenge for marketers is reaching millennials without showcasing price or the cost-benefits of a particular product. Millennials don’t care about money; they will pay for things that bring value and meaning to their lives. Marketers need to focus on showing this demanding audience that the product or service they want to sell has meaning and substance. Digital marketing campaigns must show what makes the product stand out above the rest and price will never be the answer.

Constant innovation

Millennials are up to date on everything that is happening. They know about the latest technologies and they are quite handy at them. They keep tabs on the latest fashion trends. The latest dietary fad is on their mind. What all this means for marketers and digital marketing campaigns is that they must always be prepared to change their focus. Marketing campaigns for millennials usually don’t last as long as traditional campaigns because millennials are not afraid of change, they actually embrace it. They are notorious for constantly changing aspects of their lives. Remember, they are always looking for whatever brings meaning to their lives and in this search, they are sure to make constant changes. Keeping up to speed with millennials is challenging but well worth the effort, especially if you can appeal to their ever changing nature.

Your reputation matters

Thinking that brand name is more than enough to appeal to millennials is a huge mistake. They want an experience and not a name. You can bet that the Y Generation is going to check up on how the product or service they want to buy and see what others say. Millennials trust reviews more than they do what companies have to say about themselves. In other words, marketers would be better served by showcasing real testimonials of clients who have used the product and have been satisfied. If there are any negative comments, then marketers and the company should work to show how the situation was resolved.

Millennials are by far the greatest challenge that any marketing firm has ever made. They are demanding and will not accept anything. Marketers have to throw away the book when trying to appeal to millennials. Marketing for millennials is all about providing something that adds value to their lives. That something is not defined by having the most expensive product, but by how fulfilling it is. In addition, reviews and reputation will play a huge role in millennials decision to spend money. Finally, any digital marketing campaign has to be on mobile devices. Otherwise, the campaign will never have any chance at success.



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