What Digital Marketing technique suits you best?

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There is no formula to sell better, to get more subscribers, to being visible to millions of people. There are just techniques and thousands of examples about they have been used successfully or wrongly in the past. Each case is different, each product or service is different. Each brand is different and stands out for unique features. To that extent, it is best to consider digital marketing techniques as a toolbox, which can be useful depending on what a company plans to do. To consider them magical formulas only brings failures, because all become obsolete at some point.

Which of the following digital marketing techniques suits best for you?

Talking about content marketing means, in a nutshell, to accurately understand the needs of customers or users for offering back a strategy that convinces them (or keeps convincing them) to consume your products or services. The key word here is relevance, and what you need to do is to implement this concept to any type of publication (blog posts, newsletters, podcasts or audiovisual content on platforms like YouTube.)

Many companies prefer this technique both to attract new customers and to create loyalty ties in current customers. Of course, it is important to note that this technique can’t be implemented without considering other forms of digital marketing, since it’s useless to create new content if it remains invisible for Internet users.

This technique consists of buying and selling products or services through electronic means. Nowadays, it sticks almost exclusively to the sale of goods and services through the Internet, using electronic means as a form of payment, such as credit cards or Bitcoins.

It is widely used since it’s quite practical and cheap both for companies and for customers: the business use of the Web reduces procedural mistakes, time and costs in the treatment of information (among other benefits,) and it’s favorable for users as long as they can find a product or service at the lowest cost among a wide range of possibilities.

This technique combines Internet marketing goals with social media such as web forums, blogs, magazines, content aggregators, social content exchange sites and many others. The objectives of Social Media Marketing are different for each company and organization, however, most of them somehow encompass the form of viral marketing to create an idea, positioning a brand, increasing visibility and even selling a product.

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Today, this is the center of attention online, it’s an event of global dimensions. Its main goal is to reach customers through their favorite social network (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest …) It’s based on the continuous communication between Company-Customer, unlike the traditional marketing where only one generates the message to the customer. However, this is a quick and easy way to run a business, since it consists of building long-term relationships as it could later lead to a closing of a business or a potential customer. The goal of this tool is being virtually omnipresent, creating networks and personal connections with clients through their social networks.

This is an interesting way to advertise online in which the advertiser pays their ads to the web that shows them by a rate based on the number of clicks made on the ad. In this way, a link is established between a website that may submit advertisements to its visitors, and another website that seeks to promote its products, services or content through an advertisement that takes users to another link. The charged fee is based entirely on a standard price.

Finally, this is one of the most used techniques today. This is done through mobile devices (such as tablets, smartphones, smart watches, etc.) and includes a wide range of activities, such as design and the implementation and execution of marketing actions. It’s necessary that consumers are connected to the Internet, either through Wifi or data.

Through this technique, communication campaigns can be developed consisting of the sending of SMS or MMS through mobile devices of a specific content, whether informative or promotional, addressed to previously treated databases (and adequately systematized, of course.) You can also place ads in free apps, which lead directly to advertisers’ websites. Likewise, it can be combined with other techniques like Advergaming, which uses app games (like Clash of Clans, a Poker app or an online chess platform) to promote a product or a brand. The possibilities are just countless.

There are still some problems to solve (a wide diversity of operating systems, incompatibility of different interfaces, online privacy issues, etc.), but it must be borne in mind that, because users access the Internet more through their mobile devices, not investing in this kind of marketing is basically a commercial suicide.

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