What Actions Can Improve My Company’s Online Reputation?

The online reputation of your brand is the way people trust and view your brand in the digital world, and it is one of the points that you should worry about when your company is already established.

Strengthening your brand online is much more than simply having a good website or developing ads on search engines and portals. Building your credibility is the most important point for your online reputation, because on the internet any kind of information about your brand can circulate freely through social media, blogs or any other channel, be it good information or bad information. Internet marketing is one of the main tools to help your company strengthen its online reputation.

Within online reputation, the ways of marketing and strengthening your brand are changing a lot as the digital world grows more. Today it is increasingly common for people to search for products and services on the internet before purchasing or hiring them.

If a brand or product does not manage its online reputation correctly, it may be losing market share to these consumers, because as they search the internet and there is no official reference of this product, they may end up finding reviews, people talking bad and so on. Below we will put some tips on how you can work the online reputation of your brand.

What actions improve my company’s reputation online

Having in mind what brand reputation is and how it impacts, we turn our attention to the actions needed to improve it online. Some actions that can help you improve and ensure a good reputation of your company on the internet.

1. Be interactive on social networks

Social networks are already a primordial tool to make consumers get to know your company. But just having a profile and recurrent posts is not enough. Invest in a strong digital presence in channels like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn. Rely on professionals for interaction and real connection with customers there.

Create genuine conversations, respond to all messages and deliver a valuable experience to the people who use these channels as a point of contact with your company. Don’t forget to create engagement! Social media offers many ways to bring the company closer to the customer.

2. Monitor all digital touch points

Knowing what is being said about your brand is extremely important for reputation. It is a way to understand positive and negative points to understand where it is necessary to improve in order to win over consumers.

It is also essential to remember the specialized networks. Consumers trust what is there. Therefore, having positive evaluations and high scores helps the company’s reputation.

3. Invest in a good experience

Large companies use press kits or influencers with great reach to show consumers that they do not offer a product, but an experience.

But it’s not all about big actions.

The simple act of responding to customers on social networks already makes the purchase a different experience.

4. Don’t neglect after-sales

Keep in touch with your customer even after the purchase.

Showing that the company cares about the audience, remembers them and even “misses” them creates an affective relationship. This can make the consumer loyal, making them remember the brand and consider it again in the future.

Let your audience be always informed about news via e-mail marketing or social networks, create a loyalty program, send personalized messages. These are some of the ways to optimize the after-sales and, consequently, further improve the company’s reputation on the Internet.

5. Take care of your company’s image

Consumers are increasingly attuned to the company’s values and to what it really delivers. Having a mission, vision and value consistent with the actions of the company greatly enhances its image and reputation.

Did you make a mistake? Fine, acknowledge it and show that you have changed. The fact of understanding that you made a mistake and fight to change shows maturity and that the company cares about the opinion of customers.

6. Be transparent

To implement your strategy, the best option is to be transparent, honest and authentic in your online conversations. Always be open to criticism and feedback, whether positive or not.

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