Watch out for these Online Marketing Tendencies in 2017

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At ReputationDefender we strive to provide readers with the latest information regarding today’s digital era. 2017 will surely bring along new tendencies in respect of online and digital marketing, and we have definitely detected some that sure will grow in importance in these first months of the year. Particularly, Facebook is likely to finally surpass Google, Snapchat and Twitter as the main online marketing tool. Consequently, these will undoubtedly try to keep up the pace and develop new features and enhancements for their users. Twitter’s imminent sale, LinkedIn’s new features, Instagram’s new content format are just a few amongst the the vast majority of events that are bound to take place in 2017 concerning online and digital marketing improvements and developments.

Although social media platforms were born back in 2002 with Friendster, it is up until now that its true evolution seems to be derived from a sci-fi movie. Social media and virtual reality will surely provide a more enriching experience amongst users, in spite of them being far from each other, by using virtual reality viewers. Such devices not only enable users to see a representative depiction of the rest of the actors involved, but also allow them to directly interact with them. A few months ago, at the Mobile World Congress, a beta version of the VTime network was presented to the audience, who did not hesitate to praise its possible and surely future scope. From friendship meetings to board meetings, even though the people involved are spread all around the globe, social media and social media linked with virtual reality will become a powerful tool for both the corporate and the personal realm. In recent days Facebook announced its desire of being an important player in these developments. Moreover, the company laid out its plans to develop its own version of such networks.

This is not as new as the present year, but programmatic advertising required more time to mature. Today, such type of advertising has become the best option when it comes to acquiring digital advertising. Its scope has become so powerful that some traditional marketing means are considering to embark themselves towards this approach so that their campaigns can be more efficient and effective. For those who are not familiar with the term, the idea behind programmatic consists of getting rid of the human factor in certain development processes such as negotiation, management and online advertising distribution, by using artificial intelligence and big data. Simply put, marketers are now striving to obtain a better performance out of their campaigns, and they seem to have realized that involving humans within the overall process was preventing them from doing so.

360º pictures, commonly known as panoramic images, have been existing for over two decades, but it has not been until now that their importance has become stronger as augmented reality viewers unfold its secrets and scope. On the other hand, 360ª videos, although they are newer, have definitely captured the consumer’s attention and, by extension, marketers and advertisers’ as well. Companies such as GoPro, Google and Facebook bolster these technologies, and several brands have already started to develop content for such platforms and interfaces. Nowadays, several software, cameras and mobile phone manufacturers offer a vast spectrum of solutions for creating amateur 360º content. 2017 will surely bring along a sheer array of these developments and devices.

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Periscope enabled users and the community overall to broadcast video live. Even Facebook came up with a similar idea for its users to broadcast video just when they feel like doing it. The corporate world, marketers and advertisers in particular, also realized the perks of using such tool as part of their digital and online marketing campaigns and ideas so that their consumers can glance upon the company’s latest developments and news. Just like Facebook, Ustream and LiveStream also bolstered such technology, and given the fact that its use has grown in importance, 2017 will surely strengthen video on demand as a reality, since consumers and people in general seem to prefer to watch content as it happens instead of waiting until they can watch it on TV at a specific time.

Brands will surely binge on streaming, since there is now a huge spectrum of tools that are able to allow users to broadcast video. Consumers are now fond of such trend, since it is, unquestionable, a much more enriching consumer experience.

Even though the term has been floating around for years, 2017 will provide a substantial change regarding content marketing. Traditional marketing focused on showing consumers the perks of a given product or service, nevertheless, with these latest developments, what has been commonly known as content will span over different aspects: from the product to the consumer’s environment.

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