Various Types of Video Content for Your Marketing Campaigns

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2 min readApr 3, 2019


Undoubtedly, video marketing is one of the newest additions to the promotion toolbox of every business. Even if you have hesitated using video marketing until now, you must have already been intrigued by its rise to popularity.

The thing is, incorporating video into your marketing strategy can make what you already do even better.

Types of Video Marketing

Video marketing is a great tool that can now be used to deliver educational content to consumers and provide viewers with valuable information in an easy to digest format.

Below are some of the more common types of video content businesses can use to help market their business:

Brand Videos

Brand videos are used to generate and increase awareness around the brand. This type of videos will generally provide information about what a brand represents, projecting an identity that customers can identify with.

Educational Videos

Educational videos offer valuable information about certain topics that might be of interest to viewers, prospects or customers. The video can include insights into any aspect about and around the product or service you provide.

360 Experience Videos

These types of videos certainly have a buzz around them and can easily capture the viewer’s attention. Some local businesses even use them for their Google My Business listings so that potential customers can view a 360-degree video of their entire location. For example, real estate agents can utilize experience videos for virtual tours so prospective buyers get a look at a property.

Product Videos

Product videos focus on presenting a specific product, highlighting its features and how it solves a customer’s need. What’s the product look like? What are the benefits of the product? How does the product work?

Company Culture Videos

While similar to brand videos, these are centred on company culture. As a business you can use these to attract potential employees by providing more information about the company culture, its vision and work principles.


Written customer testimonials are good, but video testimonials are even better. Getting social proof for your product or service in video format can be very convincing for potential clients or undecided prospects.

FAQ Videos

Users will always have unanswered questions and chances are high many of these will repeat themselves. Use FAQ videos to address commonly asked questions people have. It’s a great way to clarify misunderstandings in an engaging way for the viewer.

Instruction Videos

How does the customer use or put together the product they just bought? While written instructions are helpful, videos are a lot easier to follow and customers will appreciate the extra effort to improve their experience.



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