Understanding and Managing Your Online Reputation

Online Reputation Management (ORM) refers, in short, to the crafting of the best possible online image for your brand, which involves the use of various tools and techniques to ensure that positive news and reviews are the first things consumers see when they search for your business online.

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  • Content creation: user-generated content, such as blog posts, wiki sites, press releases and business profiles;
  • Social media management: setting up profiles on all social media platforms relevant to your business; when it comes to social media accounts, it’s important to dedicate the resources to stay active on them by engaging in conversations and publishing fresh content on a regular basis;
  • Third-party website monitoring: monitoring other sites to see if people are talking about your business. Potential customers as well as other companies look at review sites as well as any other websites or blogs where your business is being discussed. This ensures that you always know when people are talking about your business online and what people are saying;
  • Customer engagement: whilst sharing content or commenting on other people’s posts, be consistent and maintain a professional and positive profile; respond in a timely manner to all comments/reviews — positive or negative.

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