Top 5 SEM best practices for beginners

Since Search Engine Marketing has become a more powerful advertising tool and technique than traditional advertising, not only big companies but also independent or small businesses are using it to promote their business online. Of course, every new practice is kind of scary and intimidating at first, but just because it is still unknown for many, it doesn’t mean you can’t become an expert at it.

In terms of lead generation, SEM can bring really good results if your campaign is well managed. If it is not, it can be a very easy way to lose a lot of money in very short time. Paid campaigns have the risk of making you feel kind of helpless sometimes, but it’s actually something good advice can change forever.

Search Engine Marketing, just like any other Digital Marketing techniques, has its own proper way to do things, in order for its use to be actually useful and successful.

Therefore it is important to take into account that just like many other types of strategies, Search Engine Marketing has a very interesting world of best practices created for people and campaign managers to follow, in order to get the results they planned and expected. If you are new at this, you definitely take these into consideration.

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  1. Set a budget

The size of the budget will be defined on what exactly you want to do with the SEM campaign. A budget will depend on details like, the amount of keywords, the days of the week of the campaign and the time of the day as well. Other determining factor are the geographic delimitation, and of course your goals. The more you choose of any of these, the bigger your budget will be.

2. Define your goal

This is one of the most important steps, nevertheless it is not very clear for campaign managers that this is something that needs to be defined before even starting. The definition is simple. Your SEM goal will be composed by what you want to achieve with your campaign, if it is for example increasing your traffic, or your page views or improve your conversion. Another important part is the metrics and what kind of improvement you want to achieve. There are many ways of benefiting from a clear goal for your SEM campaign. Assets like your ROI, your revenue can definitely have a serious turnaround in a SEM campaign.

3. Choose your keywords

Multiple tools are available online that will help you define the best keywords for your SEM campaign. Choosing the right keywords is one of the most important things to do. Keywords are the way customers look into things on the web, so when you start making your list, think about those word or phrases your users would most likely type in to find your business as a result. They don’t have to be specifically the exact words you would use to describe your business but instead, things that are related to it, like a problem that would be solved, or an activity that would be included in the services or product that you offer.

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4. Build different landing pages

Landing pages are created to give direct answers customers after they type in a specific keyword. The idea is to build a landing page, depending on the group of keywords that was initially generated. When a customer or a user types in one of them, a landing page with the perfect answer they are looking for will come up will a notorious call to action that will lead them directly to your business. That is why your landing pages have to be absolutely convincing and very customer oriented.

5. Measure your conversion and performance

Keeping track of the evolution and the development of what you planned is one of the natural steps you have to consider in a SEM campaign. If you don’t measure your goals, you will never know if your initial investment was worth it.

A goal than can’t be measured is a goal that you will never know if it was ever achieved.

Keeping track of things also means to keep track and do some lead follow-up. The response your leads give you with any commercial decision they make, will also give you information about the results you are looking for. Make sure you keep track of every single action and decision from day one. You will be surprised of how everything will evolve step by step and how much you will learn from this process.

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