Tools to Increase Your Own Marketing Performance

How relevant are influencers, what does digital asset management bring, what influence does media monitoring have and how decisive are the effects of project management?

In the following you will find suggestions and food for thought for sensibly used tools and software that can help your company and develop an efficient marketing strategy that suits you.

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Influencer Marketing

Social media is more important than ever for a successful marketing strategy. Facebook is one of the most powerful tools for advertising experts worldwide. What began as a purely social platform to connect and stay in touch with friends is now a portal where companies can reach new customers, provide efficient customer service, market products and ultimately increase their sales. The potential of social media can therefore never be overestimated.

But nothing is more deterrent for potential customers than aggressively flashing ads and annoying pop-ups. It is more elegant to get the product to be advertised to the customer via popular influencers. Advertising via influencers is the megatrend in marketing.

Generally, the power of social media influencers should not be underestimated — they are oftentimes a driving force for selling products, and can help in increasing engagement rates as well as leverage their large following to bring attention to your products and services.

The advantages of Digital Asset Management

Digital Asset Management (DAM) is another useful tool for a well-functioning marketing concept. Behind this somewhat unwieldy term lies the management and storage of digital content. It refers primarily to the backup of media files such as graphics, text and music files and videos.

By recording and cataloguing metadata, the content is structured and based on these structures you can find the content quickly and easily. In plain language: digital asset management saves time and money. All your digital media can be centrally managed and easily shared with others. DAM is the best way to work with documents, images, videos and presentations in all formats.

Media Monitoring: who says what and when?

It is also very informative and decisive for companies to gain insight into the behaviour of their customers on social media and e-commerce platforms. Media Monitoring gives you an overview of what is being said in real time about your products and those of your competitors on the web. This helps you to better understand your customers, discover new trends early and react to them more quickly.

Project Management: order in chaos

Virtually every new emerging business faces the same problem: one deadline is chasing the other, everything has to be done at once and at the same time and a whole series of projects are waiting to be completed. Efficient project management is essential for successful marketing.

Thankfully, there are various programs and software that make your life easier and help young start-ups and established companies alike to cope with the mountain of tasks that arise. The idea of these is more effective project management, targeted work, less chaos. As centralized platforms, it organizes work processes, creates to-do lists and helps with direct and simplified business communication.

For a clever marketing strategy you need the right tool. Whether in the field of social media with Influencer Marketing, Digital Asset Management, Media Monitoring or skillful project management — which concept works best for you naturally depends on your company and its priorities. But one thing is certain, with the right ideas and tools, nothing will stand in the way of your marketing plan.

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