Tips on How to Turn your Website Visitors into Customers

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Just like in a real store, it is annoying when visitors leave the store without having bought anything. Here are 6 tips on how to turn visitors to your website into customers.

1. The power of simplicity

Visitors to a website are more likely to skim through it than to read details. You should keep this in mind when creating your website — important information should appear concisely and briefly in the upper half of your website; place detailed explanations on subpages. Be mindful of the length of your text: texts that are too long are ignored by visitors.

2. The power of colours

The colour choice of your website is closely linked to your corporate design. If your logo contains the colours red and white, they should also appear on your website. In addition to that, colours can be of a great influence on the customers. Studies have shown that a purchase decision can depend 60 to 80 percent on the colour choice of a product. In principle, you should never use more than two colours for your corporate design.

3. The power of psychology

To turn a visitor into a customer, you have to gain their trust. You should make it easier for him by working with pictures of people. People like to look at other people, that’s how they are polarized. If a visitor opens a website and is greeted by a friendly face, the chance that he will stay on the site for a longer period of time increases.

4. The power of greatness

Which font sizes you use for headlines, signatures and texts is difficult to find out. As a small help, the rule is: Small fonts are read more accurately, but they tire the reader. Large fonts are more pleasant to read, but encourage the visitor to skim the page. There is no standard font size. Try out what your friends or acquaintances like best, or conduct trials to see which fonts lead to an increased time on the website.

5. The power of navigation

The navigation on your website should be intuitively recognizable. A visitor should understand within the first three seconds how to move around your website. If you do not succeed in doing so, the page is usually closed again after exactly these three seconds. Use your header to integrate menus with associated drop-down menus.

6. The power of the people

To do without Facebook, Twittervor LinkedIn would be simply stupid. The possibilities that these networks offer are virtually predestined to bring a start-up with a website to the masses. With built-in Like-Buttons on your website you animate your visitors to advertise for you.

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