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The average US consumer is exposed to more than 3000 messages a day. Of these number of messages, less than 50 percent can actually be remembered. Do you want your messages to be among that group? I am sure you do!

Outdoor advertising is already an industry of almost 10 billion dollars and it keeps growing. You can also get a slice of the pie because everything depends on how you decide to use this technology. If you are considering to advertise on the local weather channel, you’d better try to imagine visually pleasing messages that can spread your business. Generation X and Y have grown up with technology and the new generation has used it since they were born. A learning period is no longer needed and, unless your target audience are people over 55 years, concerns about the use and acceptance of this medium are not a problem. There is a lot of information on digital networks and products related to them online.

The growth of investment in so-called “alternative means”, including outdoor digital means, has been estimated at 20.2 percent for 2008, reaching 88 billion dollars, according to a study published by the company PQ Media Research. Alternative means are defined as “strategies for buying means that attempt to avoid the clutter of traditional advertising and marketing in order to reach the target audience.”

Traditional media are in decline. The amount of studies carried out that have gotten to the same conclusion is increasingly growing. That conclusion is that traditional advertising is less effective at this time. For example, the Reveries Magazine, issued for marketing executives, recently published a survey for manufacturers, sellers and traders. Among 200 respondents, 70 percent said that the effectiveness of traditional media is getting worse. Meanwhile, 60 percent confessed that they actively seek for alternatives to that kind of media.

High prices and the tendency to low profit are the most mentioned arguments to explain the growing problems in traditional campaigns. Among the small number of respondents to the survey carried out by Reveries, nearly two-thirds of those who have tried television advertising in shops indicated that the results were “good”, “better” or “much better” than expected.

Studies have shown that digital media are more memorable and less annoying than other traditional types. For instance, another research carried out by the firm OTX, sponsored by a group of channels, suggests that ads on digital billboards are not only unique and attractive to the eye, but they also are more entertaining, interesting and less disruptive than the ads published on other available formats.

Location is the key. Catch consumers in the places where they go shopping and play games. Place, position and setting are truly important. Outdoor locations are part of the community. Outdoor advertising serves as a community partner, holding businesses of all sizes and allowing for clear communication of the right message to the right audience at the right time. Studies indicate that 85 percent of actual and potential customers live, work, play and shop at a range of five miles away from you.

  • Go out to the streets.
  • Approach people on those places they visit and your business will grow for sure.
  • Make the most of this strategy. Notice that this kind of ads cannot be ignored by the public. There is no chance to change the channel or remove pop-up ads as on the Internet. For this reason, your message can not be avoided, besides this strategy will allow you to catch the potential customer when relaxed and not easily distracted.
  • Work hard so that your ad becomes part of a memorable experience and it is not perceived as an invasion instead.
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Disclose your brand. Expose your brand with a broad message. Currently, there is no need to choose between promoting new products and supporting for a local charity organization. You can perform both tasks via digital signals.

  • Get a more positive and less controversial way to build relationships with customers and strengthen their trust in your brand by getting to know their desires.
  • Do not underestimate the power of building good relationships with the younger members of families. According to, an Internet site oriented to marketing for children, kids have great buying power as they influence their decisions based on their loyalty to specific causes. In fact, research carried out by Just Kids Inc. has found out that kids’ prioritize products or brands that become important to them because they are related to their favorite topics or issues over others with attractive advertising.
  • Show your buyers that you are a charitable member of the community. This is a good way to develop and build good relationships with customers.

Everybody knows that there is a need for effective and attractive advertising affordable for the advertiser. Hopefully you have gotten some good ideas from this text.

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