Three Simple Digital Marketing Tips for Jewellery Retailers

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The jewellery industry has grown in tandem with the ecommerce industry. Today, you can surf and shop the internet for a number of ecommerce jewellers to buy a jewellery piece. Furthermore, consumers are purchasing all around the year and often for themselves instead of others.

Yet, independent jewellers continue using the same marketing techniques that have been popular for year: word-of-mouth from loyal customers, a rich narrative celebrating the store’s family legacy, and holiday-related promotions. Both consumer behaviour and the market are changing — and jewellery marketers should adapt their strategy to include a digital overdo.

In order to evolve your marketing efforts, here are three simple tweaks you can make to capitalize on digital trends.

Use Brand Advocates for Digital Word of Mouth

The new word of mouth marketing tactic is done via social media with your customers being your brand advocates. If your brand does not have a social media presence, then the first step should be to set up accounts on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. In order to start the word of mouth promotion on social you have to be active on platforms customers are using.

When it comes to brand message, people trust their friends more than any promotional message. When customers share photos of your products, with genuine interest; they are basically recommending your products to their followers. Reward loyal customers with discounts, gifts with purchase, exclusive offerings to form a closer bond with them.

Promote With Your Customers’ Stories

Use customer-generated content to strengthen your brand image. Find and highlight photos and messages your customers are sharing about your products online. You might discover an abundance of content that can work in favour of your brand.

With your customers’ permission, share these photos and videos on your own marketing channels to inspire others to purchase. Consider creating an entire space on your website to share customer stories of engagements, anniversaries, graduations, and other occasions.

Run Social Media Campaigns All Year

Organize social media marketing campaigns regularly. Today’s consumers are eager to buy jewellery much more often, not just around traditional gift-giving times. As such, it’s important to maintain a high level of engagement throughout the year.

The most effective way to do this is to run contests and campaigns on social media to generate buzz around your brand. Create or find your brand hashtag and encourage customers to start posting. As customers begin to post photos with your hashtag, pay close attention and make an effort to like and comment on submissions. This will have a compounding effect as more people start participating as your brand actively engages with each of them.

Implementing these digital jewellery marketing tips will kick start your business marketing strategy. By remaining active on social media and actively engaging with your customers, even small retailers can compete against the bigger online players.

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