The Underlying Fundamentals on Why Consumers Use Reviews Before Purchasing

Dining out, going for a movie or enjoying a bottle of fine wine all have a common feature. These are experiences a customer can enjoy and they can only evaluate them in the aftermath. In order to make an informed decision, buyers would have to source information about the quality of the service from someone else.

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  • Search time reduction: With an increasing variety of options, consumers are confronted with an abundance of products and services. They will use review platforms as a filter, letting them choose from a smaller pool of options, which have already been rated by others.
  • Buyer’s remorse: By gauging the opinions of peers, consumers reduce the potential of regretting spending a certain amount of money on something they might not like. The easy access to information on review platforms makes it an appropriate source of information to reduce this remorse after the consumption of an experience good.
  • Social proof: Social proof is a phenomenon where the general feelings voiced in a review can affect another consumer’s perception and behavior even though the person has not experienced it themselves. A review platform will reinforce or deter a consumer from his own decision, depending on how the reviews align with their previously beliefs.

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