The Two Types of Negative Content Impacting Online Reputation Management

Every business in the process of managing its online reputation will have to deal with two types of negative content. Due to the different origins and severity of these types, differing approaches have to be taken.

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  • Hate Sites: This kind of website target specific businesses or business leaders and go beyond reviews. These might contain misleading accusations, which often can be illegal. This type of behaviour is very specific and targeted, but every business should be aware of it. If you find a website on the first page of the search results for your brand with a headline such as, “The truth about your-brand-name” or “your-brand-name scam,” it is certainly pushing potential clients away.
  • Negative Media Coverage: It is often claimed that any PR is good PR. However, negative PR nowadays can easily go viral via social media and damage a company’s online reputation for a couple of years in advance. That’s why you should pay attention to what the media is saying about your business and how is your product or brand presented.

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