The Importance of Video for Storytelling in Tourism Digital Marketing

Storytelling is one of the most compelling tools the tourism industry can leverage to build its image and attract potential customers. Your stories can now be transmitted much easier with the help of video and short films.

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  • Which audience would you like to reach?
  • Facebook to reach a broader public or LinkedIn for niche industry professionals?
  • Instagram for a younger public or Twitter for influencers?
  • 60 seconds on Instagram
  • 2 minutes 20 seconds on Twitter
  • 10 minutes on LinkedIn
  • 4 minutes on Facebook
  • 15 minutes on YouTube
  • How does your story convey the message and why is it worth sharing?
  • Sum up your narrative into one tagline.
  • Is the story compelling or beneficial for your target audience?
  • Recreational Videos: Humour, surprise and curiosity. These videos provide viewers with a funny set-up and stir their curiosity.
  • Educational Videos: Tutorials, tips and testimonials. These videos provide valuable insights.

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