The Advantages of Online Marketing in Today’s Digital Era

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As in classical marketing, online marketing should also draw the attention of the target person or group to the product or service in question, while providing them with additional knowledge in a timely manner.

Likewise the aim is not only to increase the level of awareness of the brand or product, but also to build up an image that motivates the target group to buy and thus generate additional sales and profits, whereby this is to be achieved by directing them to a specific Internet presence. Further goals of online marketing, which are much more closely related to the customer, are the improvement of customer service, the increase of customer loyalty as well as a more efficient support of the sales channels through an extended and additional communication possibility between interested parties, customers and companies.

Of course, this list is not complete, because the goals in online marketing are as diverse as online marketing itself (search engine marketing, search engine optimization, viral marketing, email marketing, etc.). But what are the advantages of online marketing for companies?

1. Global marketing

Due to the global availability of the Internet, the advertising media used for online marketing offer companies a direct and targeted communication and approach possibility for Internet users 24 hours a day, as it is not reached in this form and scope by any other medium. Examples include advertising banners and online competitions on established Internet sites.

2. Flexibility

Depending on the industry and company branch, not only product information but also advertising material becomes outdated more or less quickly. Information and advertisements that were in newspapers or magazines yesterday may already be outdated today. As with product- and company-related data, topicality is also important in online marketing. Here, online marketing offers considerable advantages over traditional media, as advertising material can be adapted to company requirements within a very short time and with considerably less effort and cost.

3. Image boost

By using technically sophisticated advertising media, the company gains increased attractiveness by displaying dynamism and innovative strength, which can lead to a significant improvement in image. This image improvement depends on a balanced combination of content and current presentation technology of the advertising material, whereby the emphasis between content and appearance can vary to a greater or lesser extent depending on target group, product and company.

4. Visualization

Special internet technologies not only achieve perfect visualization in word, image and sound, but also give the user the possibility to participate interactively in the process. In this way, the already interested user can be provided with an additional incentive to buy by using skillful graphic and data preparation. The intensity of the visualization and the scope of interaction depend on the target group and the goals of the company.

5. Addressing the target group

Through targeted use of advertising media on appropriate Internet platforms, online marketing offers companies an exact target group address and thus significantly lower wastage than other communication policy instruments.

6. Possibility of optimization

Detailed statistics and web controlling measures can be used to determine exactly when, how many and via which advertising media users came to the company website, which pages they looked at, how long they stayed on the site and at which point they left the site again. As such, detailed conclusions can be drawn about visitor behaviour on the website as well as about the effectiveness of advertising media, in order to optimise the use of advertising media or their design if necessary.

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