The 6 Most Harmful Practices for Your SEO

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Having a successful SEO strategy has become in short, the combination of many practices that need to be taken into account in order to get successful results.

For the past 10 years, SEO has had many ways to be applied. Some practices have been very effective but harmful in the end and therefore eventually avoided, and others have been created as the result of the evolution and new trends of the internet world performance.

When creating a new website it is recommended to apply a SEO strategy from the very beginning so that search engine start recognizing your website and your ranking can start improving from day one. Nevertheless, this doesn’t mean it is going to be an easy task. A lot of things have to be taken into account, but that is no excuse for thinking it is an impossible task. The only thing you need to do, just like in every single situation in life, is to do things the right way.

Here are 6 harmful practices Reputation Defender recommends not to follow if what you are seeking is successful SEO results.

Writing original and unique content is a must if what you are seeking is to avoid bad SEO. Duplicating content is one of the worst practices you can do in an SEO campaign. What happens is that when search engines find content that has already been indexed, then they won’t take that content into account because it is not new for them to index. If duplicated content is necessary in your website because it is required to complete the information you are sharing there then the best thing you can do is to “no follow” and also “no index” the specific page where you know you have duplicate content. Sometimes duplicate content comes from sources you didn’t even know about. For example from CMS templates.

Keywords are a great tool to apply, but when you use your target keywords on every single page it can actually threaten your SEO. Search engines will be confused if different pages have the same target keywords, so they will just decide by themselves which one to give more importance to and show that one to users. Instead of you being able to tell them which one to display, this confusion will make them decide. And you don’t want that to happen in your SEO strategy.

Using Google Search Console is a must in SEO. Not using it can keep you from having access to some advantages like checking bad links, checking duplicate titles, descriptions or crawl errors. It is a tool that can help you as a webmaster, improve your website SEO.

If your website takes more than 4 seconds to load, then you have a problem. And if the website remains unavailable even for a short period of time, this will also affect your SEO. A website needs to be built in a way that it is light enough to load quickly without sacrificing its quality. Page load is one of Google’s most important ranking factors. There are different platforms that can help you do that in case you don’t want to start from scratch. Users will also respond much better to a website with a good page-load, so pay attention to this because it is a huge deal in terms of usability. Also, you should consider purchasing a hosting with a good reputation and a good customer service that you can contact at any time so you don’t panic if your website goes down for a while.

Useful content for real users is something you cannot disregard. Users are actually there for the content so it is your duty to make the time they spend on your website worthwhile. A website that keeps the audience in mind is a website that constantly creates new content, answers the user’s needs and keeps it visually interesting for any visitor. Not paying attention to creating useful content is a huge mistake in terms of SEO.

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According to Google, Mobile-Friendliness is a reason for a website to get better ranking. They actually implemented a test tool where all websites can be tested for Mobile-Friendliness and if a website passes the test, it means it its ranking will be better. Another reason why you should develop a mobile-friendly website is because web searches tend every day to be made from mobile devices more and more. So when making a website it is very important to always consider this as part of the development.

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