Take Your Online Reputation Management To The Next Level In Just Three Steps

It can take years to build a great reputation and only seconds to destroy it. In today’s competitive digital world, a corporate strategy for Reputation Management is essential to attract new customers who return regularly.

Unlike in the past, consumers no longer believe in advertising, but instead rely on the opinions and feedback of other customers to get an idea of the quality of service they can expect from a brand.

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As more and more consumers do their own research before making a purchase decision, companies need to control the display of their reputation directly in search results pages to attract the attention of potential customers. Companies must adapt to this new development in consumer behaviour or risk losing their relevance.

But how can you improve your company’s Reputation Management in online search? Here are the 3 most important steps that will help build an excellent online reputation.

1. Maintain your social media accounts

Social networks have become indispensable tools for targeting and retaining customers and improving the customer service of companies.

Without social networking, online Reputation Management is no longer effective today. Social media accounts are essential for gaining and retaining an interested audience and actively communicating with your customers. To influence your customers’ decisions, building trust in your brand is essential and you will be more successful if you interact with your customers and present yourself as a likeable, customer-oriented brand on the networks they use.

If you want to improve your company’s Reputation Management in online search, you need to be aware that your brand’s social media accounts will most likely appear on the first page of search results. Therefore, it is extremely important for companies to optimize their social media strategies. While social signals such as likes and comments don’t affect Google search rankings, social networks and social media accounts are searched and indexed during crawling just like any other website.

2. Listen to your customers

Today, most consumers trust other consumers more than advertising when they think about buying products. And for many online shoppers, an online review is just as important as a peer recommendation, so it’s likely that they’ll read reviews when they learn about your brand.

Are you concerned about what consumers might find out about you? Not to worry!

If someone talks negatively about your brand, it’s better to know what they are saying and understand why they are saying it. Customers who write bad reviews give you a chance to repair the damaged relationship and improve your company’s reputation.

Instead of ignoring the negative comments you receive, you should seek to talk to your customers and try to understand how you can help them. Take their opinions seriously and use the insights you gain to improve your customer experience and service. Everyone deserves a second chance, and customers are much more forgiving than you might think. If you help your frustrated or dissatisfied customers, you increase the likelihood that they will return to your service or products.

The valuable information that your customers give you through online reviews can help you improve your products, your customer service, and thereby your reputation. As a result, you will significantly improve your Reputation Management in online searches, when consumers specifically search for statements about your company made by other customers.

Transparency ensures better customer relations, more trust, credibility and loyalty. And all this together always ensures better business development.

3. Strengthen your online presence

Online ratings are one of the best ways to increase your website’s traffic through search engines and improve pay per click and SEO results. How to do it?

Online ratings are high quality content that can improve your online search presence and ranking while displaying your company’s reputation in search results. Depending on how you collect ratings, they can help your business achieve rich snippet stars in organic search results and stars from Google seller ratings in your AdWords ads.

These additional details affect how users find and rate your business. If your business has good ratings, rich snippet stars and Google seller ratings will help you build trust early in the customer journey, improving your click-through rate and traffic. These benefits have been noted in numerous case studies that show that Google’s rich snippets and seller ratings improve click-through rates and generate more high-quality traffic.

Today, customer feedback is the fifth most important ranking factor, and many attributed most of the traffic generated by websites to online ratings. Without a strategy for handling and using ratings, you are neglecting an important variable in your Reputation Management.

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