Tackling Negative Reviews on TripAdvisor for Businesses in the Travel Industry

Negative reviews on TripAdvisor can be relatively straightforward or pretty disappointing. The first thing to keep in mind is to not overreact to bad reviews. More importantly, do not rush to justify the opposite. Bad responses in the heat of the moment could turn potential clients away from you.

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  • Double-check with your staff and see if this is a repeating incident. In the case of a repeated complaint, this might indeed be an issue that needs to be addressed on your side.
  • Always respond in a positive, non-defensive way and thank the customer for his time to leave the feedback.
  • Try to move the communication in a private channel, so the issue does not escalate publicly any further.
  • Make sure the issues are being addressed or a resolution has already been made.
  • Afterwards, you can invite them to come back and try out your services again.

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