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Backlinks have been considered one of the most important ranking factors for Google for years. A strategic SEO link building can therefore bring your website quite a way up in the rankings. Nevertheless, often only an optimized and beautiful website is considered, not what happens behind the scenes. Here is a good overview of this, so that you know what to look for when it comes to link building.

What is SEO link building?

SEO link building is a measure to make a website more visible — that means that the website should be displayed high up in the search results. As the most important ranking factor it is one of the most common online marketing measures.

Generally, link building refers to all measures with which you generate backlinks. Backlinks are links that refer from another website to your own website. No matter whether on their home page or a certain subpage.

SEO and link building

So backlinks are a ranking factor for Google. Since SEO works with ranking factors in order to bring websites far up in the search results, the link building is so relevant. Social media can and should also be incorporated into the measures. The entirety of all marketing measures to improve the link profile is called link marketing.

Well-placed backlinks can also have other advantages, besides the positive signals to Google. Users can reach your website via this detour. In this way you gain more traffic, which leads to better rankings and new potential customers. Especially the signals that come through the users are extremely important for Google, and will probably become more important in the future.

However, any indication of unnatural or negative links can lead to your website receiving a penalty. You should thus take SEO link building seriously and not act recklessly. Otherwise, you can also achieve the opposite with backlinks — namely, a loss of rankings.

Link building is no guarantee for better rankings. On experience one knows that it can often be very helpful. But since the Google algorithm changes daily and every website has different requirements, nobody can make accurate predictions.

Link building: What possibilities are there?

There are many possibilities to building links such as entries in web directories, earned links, internal and external links.

Web directories

Web directories are an easy way to get backlinks quickly, easily and free of charge. The Yellow Pages are the classic one. However, there are also many directories for specific industries — this usually concerns B2B companies. Web directories are also particularly beneficial for local companies, therefore it is important that they be represented in the most common directories.

Internal links

Internal links are most useful for establishing site architecture and spreading link equity (URLs are also essential). For this reason, this section is about building an SEO-friendly site architecture with internal links. Internal links have three main objectives — they allow users to navigate a website, they help establish information hierarchy for the given website and they help spread link equity (ranking power) around websites.

Building internal links will help search engines find and list your pages in their indices.

External links

Whoever says internal, must also say external. External links are links from your website to other websites. These can also be used to satisfy search engines as well as users — this works with topic-related links to qualitative websites.

Earned Links

The better the Google algorithm becomes, the clearer it becomes that more must be placed on real backlinks. And how do you generate them? Through good content. After all, on Facebook you also voluntarily and gladly share a funny meme, a viral video or an informative article, don’t you? Such backlinks are also called Earned Links. And these have to be earned.

Content is king also applies here. Of course, this way is much more uncomfortable, but also much more sustainable and effective than the others. The advantage is that good content also has many other advantages for you than just for building backlinks. Good content provides a better user experience, lower bounce rates, more traffic and better rankings. If you want to invest in online marketing, then above all invest in your content!

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