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Digital marketing keeps changing and expanding its field over traditional media, as well as it keeps generating new market opportunities, which would not exist without the Internet. The new digital marketing tactics that people create constantly are the useful tools we can all take advantage of in order to adapt to the fast changes of the market. They help us to have greater control and follow-up on what clients are looking for in any industry. With those tactics, we can reduce operating costs, deliver information to the market expeditiously 24 hours a day, find opportunities to open new markets, increase the global reach of our organization, and improve internal communication and communication with our customers. There are actually many tactics, but an important branch of them are related to social media: let’s get to know some of them that can help you a lot in your business.

Instagram has created a series of labels that could be placed to make it easier to find the photos related to that tag, which they called “hashtag.” Hashtags may be words or sentences, composed of letters, numbers, and / or emoji, which are written together (without spaces) and begin with what is known as the number (#) symbol. These hashtags serve to organize the content published on the social network. When you click on a hashtag, you can browse the posts that have been tagged with it.

Creating good hashtags depends mostly on two things. The first one is to do research about what has been told about any subject. Check the hashtags of other companies, especially your competitors. Regardless of whether those companies are more popular than yours or not, spying a little among similar businesses will give you ideas about labels that you might not know how to relate to your brand. Thanks to those ideas, you can create the right combinations that express exactly what you are looking for.

The second is the right use of the Instagram finder. Type a word that is relevant to your brand in the tag search bar. Instagram will give you a list of all the hashtags related to that keyword as well as the number of posts that are tagged on it.

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Something that people overlook, but that is extremely important about this social network: Add the URL of your website in the BIO. By doing this, you would have achieved a quality link that will help you to improve your SEO and, of course, will help users to find more information about your brand easier. Also, you should never forget that analyzing the success of your tweets through Twitter Analytics can teach you to create better tweets every day. Know what contents work best for your digital marketing strategy.

Finally, make sure that when you share a post from your blog, it displays the title and the featured image of the blog.

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Remarketing, also known as Behavioral Retargeting, is a very powerful tool that is used to focus efforts and resources on potential clients who have already showed some kind of interest in your company or your products (and you know it because of their previous behavior online, which is tracked by companies like Google and Facebook.) The purpose of it is to personalize ads, with the intention of re-attracting those users that, for some reason, stopped a registration, subscription or purchase process. The system of Facebook is quite useful, so pay attention.

Before starting a remarketing Facebook campaign, you should tell Facebook how to gather the data of users who visit your website. You must create lists of personalized audiences, according to demographic, geographic and behavior criteria.

Facebook will track your audience and their behavior when cookies are installed on the websites that your users visit. In the case of Facebook, this cookie is called a “tracking pixel.” This tracking pixel must be inserted into your website, pasting it right between the <head> and </ head> tags in the site code.

Finally, before creating a remarketing Facebook ad, it is best to let the tracking pixel work a few hours or days, depending on the visits received. Let the tracking pixel collect a considerable number of data, and if you see that the audience is big enough (you can check the numbers in the tab “Public”), you can create a new campaign and name it.

The steps are simple: click on “Create Ad” in Facebook Ads, choose your personalized audience in the tab “Audience” with the name of your campaign and then create different versions of the ad with images and oriented texts for those visitors who have left your website. Finally, add a budget and the duration of the campaign.

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