Social Media Marketing: 8 Principles to Get the Best Out of Your Online Presence

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Social Media Marketing helps companies to build a loyal community with customers and prospects. The use of different platforms enables an exchange between customers and prospects. Presenting the brand, own products and content e.g. from your own blog is an efficient way for a company to build up a brand and to bind customers or target groups.

Via social networks the reach is increased, customers are informed more efficiently and the company benefits from the chance to acquire new customers. In today’s digital era and even more so with the increased online presence, social media marketing has become an indispensable tool for companies to connect with their customers as well as promote more efficiently on the respective platforms.

8 Important Principles for Social Media Marketing

Simply creating a Facebook page and then hoping for thousands of fans will not work in most cases. Here are 10 simple principles that should help you get the best out of your social media presence:

First the strategy, then the reach

Companies often want “more reach” and “more followers” in social media. But the number of followers alone do not tell us anything about the success of the individual measures.

With a well thought-out strategy, you should set your goals right from the start and define exactly who you want to address on the platform. A strategy includes a precise target group analysis, an editorial plan and social media guidelines. Communicate honestly and sincerely with your customers.

Active listening

Listening helps you to define topics and content for your target group, which is then well received and shared with others. Observe!

Entertain with good content

Social media are entertainment media, not a fun-filled space. Professional advice and conclusive answers, but don’t be dull in your approach. Use visual guides and infographics to catch the attention of your readers.

It is always about the benefit for the user

The user is the centre of attention — whatever helps him, entertains and amuses him, makes him happy. Already in the conception phase you should think about why a user should read your content at all.

Be fast and relevant

Speed and relevance are important cornerstones for successful social media communication. The Internet is a fast medium, and users expect a quick response. When you enter social networks, you need to comment regularly and share relevant content.

Think first, then act

Everything you do on the internet is public and documented for infinity. So you have to think carefully about what you publish in social media. Deleting critical bulletin board entries without comment can cause this user to tell everyone about it and trigger a so-called “Shitstorm”. However, you can also use negative contributions positively for the company.

Be consistent, not hectic

Follow your social media strategy and give it time. A strategy is not valid for 2 months, but for the next 2 years and you have to invest until you can reap the fruits of your commitment. Too short-term goals can lead to disappointment, because they are not met.

Do not spam!

What doesn’t work via email, doesn’t work in social media either. With every single post ask yourself: ‘’What benefit does this post have for my readers?’’ Otherwise the users will gradually withdraw and remove you from their circle of perception. You can also charmingly wrap advertising on social media so that the user doesn’t notice it as advertising at all.

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