Shaping Your Customer Experience Strategy with Two Simple Steps

Every interaction a customer has with your business creates an impression of your brand for them. That’s why customer experience is the sum of all interactions they have before and after the sale. Having a customer experience strategy defines your actions at each step of the sales process with the client. Delivering positive customer experience helps improve your reputation as a brand and maintain a constant flow of customers.

Devising and implementing a customer experience strategy means including all the departments, not only the consumer-facing roles. At every level of your business the customer should be having a positive experience. This way it’s easier to align the organization across all departments towards the goal of improving customer relationship.

Reach Out to Your Customers

One of the main factors for your customers’ experience is communication with your brand. Your organization has to be reachable to potential clients and you should take pro-active steps to engage with them. Find out what they need and how you can help them.

In order to achieve high reachability means you must initially identify which channels your clients are more inclined to use, either for contacting you directly or looking for solutions to their problem. When you find these, start engaging with your potential audience and tend to their needs.

Get as much information as possible about the channel, be it social, email, chat or anything else. Understand what the communication norm is for that channel and try to adapt the style for your own content and communication on that specific channel.

By reaching out to more customers your pool for potential customers will be much larger. Monitor and identify channels where your clients might be interacting and start providing consistent customer service.

Offer Convenient Service

Beside reachability, offering superior service convenience will similarly put your business ahead of competitors. In the days of the internet, customers can find plenty of solutions and they will pick the one with the least minimum effort required. Make it simple and intuitive for customers to reach you and make information about your product easily available.

Consider a customer who might have a question when browsing during the weekend. If you do not have a convenient servicing option for them, you might lose your customer to another competitor until Monday. Obviously the type of service convenience varies from business to business. Some might need 24/7 call support others, while others might need only chat support with a few hours response time.

One of the often used practices in this domain is having a knowledge base on your website, so customers can find solutions to their problems. This will minimize your support efforts and the clients will be happy to quickly solve their issue.

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