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When it comes to search engine rankings, try not to “leave all the eggs in the same basket.” It is not advisable to rely solely on one search engine. On the contrary, it is better that the name of your brand reaches the best positions of every relevant search engine, and thus ensuring the visibility of your business and gaining more potential customers.

Google is the most used search engine and we all know it, but it is not the only one, and for some people, not the most important. In fact, there are specialized search engines for searching technical or academic information. If you only get busy with Google and its tools, you’d be ignoring the opportunity to reach your specialized audience, and thus losing many potential customers. On the other hand, if you use Google exclusively to position your brand in search results, and for some reason you commit any of the forbidden activities included in the terms of service, Google will penalize your website.

Therefore, it is important to know how search engines do operate, in order to improve the SEO of your company.

Although the techniques you can use for improving the SEO on Google may be very useful in other search engines, each one has its own rules, and the best thing you can do is to know every search engine and being aware of its mechanisms before designing a strategy.

In this post, you will find white hat SEO techniques for major alternative search engines.


To improve SEO on Yahoo, the best advice is that your website has a rich design (images, videos) and do not take ages to load. This, both for computers and for smartphones. Besides, the good your use of keywords and the inclusion of internal and external links, is fundamental. Make sure that users find what they are looking for on your website and provide then a good experience.

Some recommend the use of meta-keywords for improving the SEO on Yahoo. In fact, the Google algorithm doesn’t take meta-keywords into account because the use of them was one of the favorite strategies of black hatters. However, if you include the right meta-tags in the HTML code of your website, your website has many chances to become visible in the first results. However, the best advice is the proper use of keywords. Remember, if you think more of the user than the search engine, you’ll have better results in the long run.


Bing focuses mainly on how users interact with search results. This search engine works differently: it considers the click rate of websites and uses it as a ranking signal. On the other hand, Bing takes into account the period of time between the click of users on a particular search result and the return in the SERPs. If the amount of time that a user spend is higher than a minute, Bing will consider that a website is useful for users.

The use of social networks is relevant for the rankings in every search engine, and Bing is not an exception. Bing takes into account the number of times that a website is commented and its links shared and retweeted. Therefore, if a website or blog entry is popular in the social media, this search engine will reward it with better positions in the first search results. It means that you should spend enough time in the social media for managing your content better on those platforms.

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Many users prefer this search engine because it has a greater respect for their privacy. The first thing to point out is that when it comes to DuckDuckGo, it’s better to make things simple and practical. The CEO of this search engine, Gabriel Weinberg, mentioned the basic key in an interview, two years ago: “We focus on smarter answers, less clutter, and real privacy. We believe a significant percentage of people would like private alternatives where they can get great service without being tracked — in other words, where they can get the benefits of privacy without any sacrifice in quality. DuckDuckGo offers that alternative in search.” There is not much else to add, maybe a couple of important tips that you should keep in mind:

First, rather than building links, it is better to earn them. For earning quality links, what you should do (and it seems pretty obvious), it is to create a great content that high-quality websites would gladly use as external links in their own content. In addition, it’s the same with Google: in order to improve the SEO on DuckDuckGo, try to include a few good quality links every time. Including several poor links will be a useless strategy.

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