SEO in B2B: How to Rank Your Content

  • Correct server settings: These include loading speed, encryption, security and certificates
  • Mobile optimization: A discipline that is becoming increasingly important as more and more users access websites with their smartphones. And also Google pursues the “mobile first strategy”. You have to make sure that the presentation of your website works smoothly and looks good on the move. Even if you as a B2B company have mainly desktop traffic, Google pays extreme attention to mobile optimization.
  • Links: This includes a suitable link structure. This area partly overlaps with content search engine optimization, because links are also set by people who work on the content of the site.
  • Crawling: You have to enable search engine bots to access your website.
  • Source code: This area is often maintained by developers and programmers. A clean source code is essential for all areas of technical SEO.
  • User Experience (UX): This area also flows into your rankings. It is all about how well and easily users find their way around your website. This includes not only the structure but also the entire function and design of the website.



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