SEO Basics: How to Improve Your Local Ranking

Besides the classic SEO, there is Local SEO — the so-called local search engine optimization. Nowadays, more and more people are looking for local service providers & businesses on the Internet, so local search has become a hugely important channel for these businesses in recent years.

What use is Google search to local businesses? The small craft business in the countryside or the branch in some part of town? Does it make sense for you to put time, energy and creativity into local SEO? The answer is a resounding yes. You will become visible particularly easily via the special tools that Google, as the most powerful search engine, offers free of charge and which improve your ranking in the search results. But that’s not all.

For local retailers, however, local search engine optimization is particularly interesting. For example, this is especially important for businesses and companies with a physical location (such as lawyers, accountants, restaurants, doctors, etc.) or companies that serve customers in a specific region (such as plumbers, painters, emergency key services, etc.). But also for chains of companies or franchises.

Here are some essential optimization approaches, where will help improve your ranking on search engines.

7 Tips How To Improve Your Local Google Ranking

1. Business card at Google

On the platform Google My Business you can deposit all essential company data for your customers. The profile can be quite promotional. You can even post articles that are then displayed on Google. If you have entered your location, your company is visible in Google Maps, even without a search.

2. Localize Website

Your website contributes a lot to your local SEO. One of the requirements is that the location appears on the contact page and in the imprint, but also everywhere else where it is appropriate. This way, Google “gets” that location is an important feature with you, and you put your mark in the Google Maps ranking. You can also include Google Maps with your location for the route planner. Also, make sure to present enough high-quality content (rich content) on your pages.

3. Targeting keywords

In addition to mentioning the location, it is important that you include keywords in the text that your customers can easily and unmistakably associate with your offer. The keyword finder of various providers will give you a first clue.

4. Maintain business directories

Use online directory services, which now exist by the dozen for every niche and industry. They are an additional signal to search engines about a company’s location.

5. Local on Facebook

Social media services also work for local marketing and often have their own tools for this — for instance, when playing out ads regionally or with local groups, voucher promotions, etc. As always with social media, you’ll need to weigh the cost of the essential regular interaction beforehand with local marketing.

6. Links and reviews

If online media and users in the immediate vicinity link to your business, recommend it or provide reviews, this is not only informative and particularly trustworthy for other Internet users, but equally so from the point of view of local search engine optimization and your position in the Google Maps ranking.

7. Use all channels

Offline and online advertising can be implemented relatively efficiently at the local level. The reference to the website e.g. via attractively designed QR codes on flyers, posters or via local media generates traffic, which in turn is a sign of audience interest for Google.

Companies that strategically coordinate these and other marketing measures in the local environment noticeably strengthen their position on the market and make you visible, especially in tough competitive situations. Local search engine optimization is, in any case, a central tool.



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