SEO Basics: 4 Tips To Help You Make Decisions In Your Business

Years ago, to make a decision at a business level or in a business, it was necessary to collect a lot of information manually. Today, thanks to measurement tools and different practices within Digital Marketing, all decisions can be directly supported by metrics, results, studies and different types of analysis. Both good SEO practices and metrics can give you signals of where you can direct your business.

Today, we are going to show you the main SEO opportunities that you can implement in your business to boost sales, leads or traffic.

4 SEO tips to help you make decisions in your business

1. Detecting opportunities from keyword research

While you probably already have a basic keyword study on which you are currently basing your site, this is an excellent way to find opportunities to improve and enhance your business. The volume of keyword searches can even give you signals on what items or products to include in your stock or not. Do you really want to sell something that is not searched for organically?

While this depends on the user’s intention, the research is a starting point to make an analysis on this, especially taking into account the initial investment in stock and the performance it may have in terms of sales in the organic channel.

2. Search Console queries: detecting opportunities to expand the business

Search Console is a basic tool that you should use on a daily basis to implement SEO actions that improve the health of your site. Among the data it provides, Search Console allows you to visualize the queries for which you are getting impressions and clicks.

If you analyse these queries that are receiving clicks and impressions you will find some that are not covered in your business at the product, structure or content level. Even if your goal is leads, this can be an excellent alternative to see which queries you can focus your content and pages on.

3. Internal searches to get to know your users

If you have tracked internal searches, you can export this information to determine which are the most common patterns of users within your site.

These “patterns” can help you in your SEO decisions and even externally. Firstly, at the SEO level you can use this information to offer these articles, products or information to users in a more intuitive way within your site through interlinking. In relation to your business decisions, user searches within your site can give you a better version of how you can implement different marketing strategies and even better define your target audience.

4. Google My Business: A powerful tool if you use it correctly

Google My Business is a fundamental tool if you are working on the Local SEO of your business. If you don’t have it yet, it is important that you either register your business or claim ownership (in case it is already created). The same tool can give you data about users and visitors to your business premises. In that sense, some of the recommendations that can help you make decisions in your business are the following:

  • Take into account the comments and opinions to make internal improvements in terms of product, customer service and processes.

All these aspects mentioned above are part of the day-to-day analysis of the current status of a site with respect to SEO best practices. However, keep in mind that a good SEO practice will not always correlate to what is in the best interest of your business. What is important to note is that it can be a reliable source of data to analyse and take into account.

Given this, the final decision should be the one that you believe will have the best impact on the overall business, not just the SEO of the website.



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Your search results affect how people perceive you. Learn how ReputationDefender can help protect your online reputation.