SEO: A basic guide for newcomers

The overwhelming amount of information posted on the Internet about Search Online Optimization (SEO) makes it necessary to write basic introductory articles like this one for those who have never had any contact with this activity and want to learn about positioning their websites in order to gain more traffic and improve the performance of their business. So, in this post, we will discuss some basic points that you need to know before delving into this extremely important issue of the digital world.

Let’s start with the way SEO works. Google has developed automatic algorithms that allow it to rank the indexed websites in its database. Through its “spiders,” Google crawls your site and checks more than a hundred factors that influence the position of your page in the searches, and determine if your website is valuable or useless to users. Permanent updates, internal and external links, the age of the domain, the traffic you get, quality content, etc.: these are some of the factors that will place your website in the first search results or not.

In simple words, SEO is about making things easier for Google’s spiders. Keep them happy with what they have found, that’s the key. This business is complex and it is constantly evolving. However, the most basic principles continue to operate and will continue to do so, regardless of technological changes.

A good starting point is to invest in a domain and hosting, not just starting a blog or an official page in the social media. When you have a domain of your own, the message that you are transmitting to both Google and the users is that you are a professional and your information is reliable. Remember that both, especially Google, gives priority to serious sources of information. So, do not waste your time and take the safe route from the beginning.

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Now, one of the points that you should never stop considering is that SEO depends a lot on the quality and originality of your content. The main purpose of Google is to provide its customers relevant and useful results. For this reason, the most important and fundamental job you can do for your SEO is to create massively useful content, focused on solving people’s problems. Do not work for Google, but for people like you, who look for information on a daily basis. If you focus on solving problems that people are looking for, your content could be shared on the social media and you’ll achieve a good Google ranking in consequence.

In addition, remember that original and quality content means much more than just publishing interesting texts on a free blog. Work from different fronts instead. First off, do not limit yourself to text. Use images to complement your content. It will always be better if the photos are yours, or if you hire a designer or photographer that provides you quality pictures. Remember that most part of the current traffic comes from mobile devices, so, build a smartphone-friendly website, for Christ’s sake.

Also, do not forget that video is one of the favorite formats by users today. Although text is important, users prefer to see and hear than reading large amounts of information. Create links to your channel on YouTube and then increase your positioning on YouTube.

It is vital that your website is connected to related sites. To link to the big networks related to your guild, industry or business, you can start by including relevant and natural links in your content. Connect your posts to each other through hyperlinks and never stop including external links that allow users to dig deeper into the topic that has led them to your site. One of the goals that you must reach is that another website includes links leading to your site (especially if it is a visited and successful website.)

When it comes to Link Building, record this on stone: Never buy links. Buying links that lead users to your site is a penalized strategy by Google that may cost you a lot of wasted time. Win the links and do not cheat.

Finally, learn all you can about keywords, research on SEO tools, trends, and techniques. Never stop monitoring your website. Analyze what brings more traffic to your page, at what times and why. This will allow you to build new strategies to improve each day.

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When others find out about your incursion into SEO, they will surely give you tips and recommendations on easier ways to achieve better positions in the search engines. Be careful, because they are probably recommending you forbidden techniques, commonly called ‘Black Hat.’ Apparently, these techniques are very effective. They may give you quick results, but in the long run you’ll be shooting yourself in the foot. If you do things right, you provide quality content to users and you follow the rules, you are more likely to succeed.

All right, there you have the basics. If you are interested in the subject, you already know where to look and to start. Good luck!



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