Search Engine Optimization Tips for Pharmaceutical Companies

Along with the evolution of digital marketing, the marketing landscape for pharma companies has also changed. The integration of social media with SEO, new search engine algorithms and the increase in mobile search traffic have all been factors in this process.

By using search engine optimization strategies you can open up new channels to increase website traffic from different online sources.

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Search Engines Getting Better

Search engines now employ more sophisticated algorithms in categorizing websites that provide value and websites that create the illusion of value. For example now Google will identify semantics of users’ search queries rather than focus solely on keywords.

When a user types in a query like: “Which is the nearest drug store to buy Pill A?” conventional search engines might search for websites that include the words “nearest”, “drug store” and “Pill A” in their content, but Google will try to understand the meaning of the query.

It will use location information and approximate distances to various drug stores and show results with a map around the user, highlighting locations relevant to the user query.

As Google continues to improve its search ranking algorithm, it becomes important to have engaging and relevant content on any of your online properties.

The Importance of Content

In order to have effective results in ranking, the focus should be placed on quality and detail. The content you create needs to be easy to read and designed to address your readers’ needs or issues.

Just like companies in other industries, pharma websites have started to experiment with innovative ways for content marketing, promoting animated videos, interesting infographics and informative slide-shows.

While pharmaceuticals can sometimes be a complex topic to discuss, all created content for promotional purposes should be easily understood by the audience. At the same time keep in mind that with bloggers and digital marketing agencies storming the Internet with creative content every day, the bar for quality and engaging content is continuously rising.

In order to excel at the content marketing game, your company has to follow the three C’s: concise, consistent and creative.

Mobile is Mandatory

Nowadays, already more than half of your target audience will be accessing the information through their mobile devices. This makes your mobile marketing strategy mandatory and no longer an option.

Websites de signed for desktops are generally heavy in load and you need to have at least a mobile version of it for a better customer experience on mobile.

As search engines get more sophisticated, smartphones get a big share of traffic and the social media influence increases, the dynamics of SEO for pharma companies changes as well. Make sure to keep up with the trends and maximize results from your marketing efforts.

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