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4 min readJul 14, 2020

Successful search engine optimization (SEO) is the result of intensive and above all continuous work. Only a targeted search engine optimization creates the basis for lasting success, and ensures a solid customer base.

The goal of search engine optimization is to have the search engine crawlers not only find your site and pages but also specifically rank the page relevance so that it appears at the top of the search engine results. The process of optimization is not a one-time process but requires maintenance, tuning, and continuous testing and monitoring.

But what makes a successful SEO? A successful search engine optimization considers the actual state of the website and builds all following measures on it. In addition to the critical examination of the website structure, the focus is on a constant but measured link building. Regular links from different sources and with individual contents guarantee growing and lasting success.

The First Step to Success: The SEO Analysis

Every search engine optimization should be preceded by a detailed SEO analysis of the website, because only with a website that is flawless from an SEO point of view can the measures take full effect. Therefore we as an agency carry out a comprehensive SEO analysis at the beginning.

SEO analysis refers to all features of the website: the programming, the links between the individual subpages, the usability as well as the use of images and texts.

On-Page Optimization and Website Optimization

The website is the starting point of any SEO plan, only with an appropriately optimized website can the later SEO measures take effect. This analysis uncovers weaknesses, which are then revised with a corresponding On-Page optimization.

The On-Page optimization considers all aspects of the website, not only the layout. Especially for online shops, but also for pure information sites, the site architecture plays a crucial role in the success of the later Off-Page optimization. Internal links, the page structure, the choice of URLs, the integration of graphics, order processing and payment modalities, article descriptions — only if all components of the website are optimally coordinated and search engine optimized can success be achieved.

In some cases, instead of website optimization, it is worthwhile to create a better website and relaunch it.

Keyword Research

The keyword research is the beginning of every optimization, no matter whether it is a short-term link building or a long-term cooperation with an online marketing agency. The keyword research is a necessary part of SEO, because the keywords are decisive for the design of the website as well as for the later link building.

A good keyword research requires a lot of tact and sensitivity. The chosen keywords should be characteristic for your website, relevant to your brand’s message and be suitable for optimization.

From nomination, further identify a targeted list of key­words and phrases. Review competitive lists and other pertinent industry sources. Use your preliminary list to determine an indicative number of recent search engine queries and how many websites are competing for each key­word.

Prioritize keywords and phrases, plurals, singulars and misspellings. (If search users commonly misspell a keyword, you should identify and use it). Please note that Google will try to correct the term when searching, so use this with care.

A regular check of the chosen keywords as well as any necessary adjustments ensure that only the really relevant keywords are optimized. Especially for online shops with a changing offer, the keyword research should therefore be repeated at regular intervals.

Professional Link Building

To be well ranked in the relevant search engines, your website must be relevant. Relevant means that the content of the website is interesting for the user. But how is relevance suggested? The secret lies in the fact that the website is linked to as many links as possible on the worldwide web, i.e. that other websites refer to your own website. Search engine crawlers evaluate these “recommendations” of other websites as an indication that the website could be helpful for the user and place it correspondingly high up in the search results.

The first step, so that a serious link building can deliver the desired results, is the keyword research. Only when the essential search terms have been determined, a professional link building can be started, because the links to the website are made via these terms.

However, a serious backlink construction is dependent on various factors. Not only permanent links have to be set, but above all, the right and appropriate amount of links — if too many links are set at once or the wrong links are set, this can have a negative effect on the positioning of the website. Extensive research of the appropriate link sources as well as a well thought-out mix of different link types are therefore recommended.



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