Real Estate Digital Marketing: Learn Some Tips!

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Just like in all kind of activities that may come to our minds, achieving success in the real estate business is a goal that can only be reached after hard work and many years of experience. However, there are several real estate agents who have worked so hard to get where they are, after a long time, and yet they are stuck in their sales. Why? One cause is the lack of adaptation to new technologies, in particular, to the ways customers meet their purchasing needs today. Although old marketing techniques may be useful in different scenarios, ignoring digital marketing in the real estate business surely means to be left behind compared to the keen competition companies that are always trying to steal your clients. If you are not aware of the new digital marketing techniques, you can be sure it’s never too late to start learning. In this post, you will find some strategies and techniques you can start implementing in order to boost your sales in the short term.

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Updated and Active Blogs

Blogs are wonderful digital marketing and SEO tools if you know how to use them well. Posts may be shared on social networks: both in your personal Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or Tumblr accounts, and your company’s. You can use blogs to interact with customers and answer all their questions in the comments section. As you may know, resolving the doubts of a client satisfactorily is a foot on the door that allows you to gain their trust and ensure sales. You can start by creating different blogs and publishing different topics of interest in all of them (for example, dos and don’ts for buying a house, tips to remodel and sell properties, decorating tips, etc.). Blogs will not only give you a greater visibility in search engines, but you will have loyal readers who follow you and share your posts every time you publish them on social networks. If you are really busy for creating and updating such blogs, remember that SEO companies like Reputation Defender provide an excellent service in online digital marketing and reputation management that will certainly improve your business.

Efficient and Constant Email Marketing

Another tool which is often underestimated is email. Even though people say that email is already dead, and users prefer instant messaging applications like WhatsApp for communicating, the truth is that email is still used a lot, especially within companies, and it is difficult for people just to stop using it. It is important to create and feed a database that allows you to keep your customers informed about your activities, new available properties, discounts, special offers and news about the real estate business. The key to success in email marketing is not only providing quality content but sending frequent messages (e.g., once a week), concise texts, striking subjects, avoiding heavy images and attachments. You can include a subscription to the newsletter on your website or on your blogs, for instance, and by doing this you can permanently extend the database of potential customers and partners (and free). It will not take much time and the results will be amazing.

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Advertising Online

Flyers are ok, street advertising too. Newspapers and magazines are still good ways for reaching new clients, yes, but if you spend enough time on the Internet every day, you will realize that there are thousands of digital advertising options. Customers are always googling about buying new apartments, country houses and properties in general. Don’t use just the typical sites for reaching new customers (Zillow, Trulia): consider the powerful advertising algorithms of Facebook or Google. Implementing SEO strategies is also an excellent choice for advertising because of the massive traffic users in SE like Google, Yahoo or Bing. Take the advice of a good publicist and start taking advantage of the available and useful networking tools.

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Audiovisual Resources

Remember that our culture is more visual than textual. Images transmit information faster and more effectively than words. You can create a YouTube channel and upload promotional videos of your business, show properties for sale, testimonials from satisfied customers, etc. Another idea you can implement is to include panoramic photos of the properties for sale. It doesn’t just make it easier for your clients to purchase: it gives you a very good corporate image online.

ORM Tools

There are thousands of applications and software to monitor your online reputation in the market. Knowing what others are reviewing about your company is vital to develop new marketing plans. Tools like Google Alerts, SocialMention, Hootsuite, or If-This-Then-That or ReviewPush let you know your online reputation in real time, you can interact with potential customers, meet (good and bad) reviews and all sorts of feedback. Never forget that building a proper reputation online is a current business need, and your reputation doesn’t have to depend on what people say, but on what you want them to read when they google you!

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