Reaching out to ‘Bitcoiners’

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Saying that today’s digital landscape can be easily explained and understood is definitely a lie. In fact, the vast majority of Internet users have different connotations in regard to the different models of promotion in the digital realm, and, honestly, they seem to struggle to understand the full scope and what is really behind all of today’s digital marketing campaigns and methodologies. As a consequence, companies, businesses, and marketers mostly, are more concerned about this different perceptions: for example, marketers are now looking forward to combining different formats of promotion in order to provide Internet users with a certain degree of comfort and familiarity while they surf across the vast field of digital content.

In reality, the sheer array of nuances and different ways to promote content online has resulted in an inexorable crisis: it is not a secret that one of the factors that serves as the substrate for this digital and online marketing to exist are the formats that are commonly used by advertisers and marketers; however, it is necessary to carry out a more thorough analysis on this topic, since, otherwise, a huge part of the issue would remain missing. Just putting the blame on the formats would leave the rest of the story behind; it would be disregarding a vital and crucial fact: the lack of variety from the side of offer. One thing is certain: today’s audience does not pay much attention to the content marketing actions, in fact, they are almost careless about it, not only because this content has become rather invasive, to some extent, and artificial, but also because there are plenty of cases of websites whose content lacks originality and variety. Besides, the spectrum of apps, social media platforms and e-commerce platforms is gigantic, spectrum that can be in fact bigger if the plethora of copycats were taken into account. In short: the audience is craving for different and genuine things, and marketers and advertisers need new things to offer and new methodologies to convey an effective message to reach out to the audience.

We at ReputationDefender have previously addressed the importance of setting the right expectations for digital marketing strategies; and under such premise we recommend addressing the subject of Bitcoin. Bitcoin, in spite of its no less than contentious and polemic aura, is an innovation that has gone on to create a whole new economic model, which is why experts call it an avant-garde savior. Bitcoin users are now craving for products and services that can be paid through the cryptocurrency; entrepreneurs and startup owners realized that the cryptocurrency hype would also bring along new necessities, which is why as of two or three years they started to include bitcoin-based payment methods in their businesses. This of course is not as fancy as consumers would probably expect, but it is definitely a good start when it comes to filling the needs of a whole new portion of consumers.

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The Bitcoin and the crytpocurrencies atmosphere in general are starting to generate different possibilities in regard to the mix of previously established and tested digital marketing formulas: amongst the myriad of businesses that have included Bitcoin based payment methods, it is the betting industry the one that stands out: users can either bet via the usual and regular betting model — like the one used in car races — or via against other users through Bitcoin. The uncanny nature of cryptocurrencies serves as the perfect opportunity to carry out such ventures.

Although Bitcoin has been growing in importance for two to three years, marketers still find themselves in a somewhat early stage in regard to the full scope of the Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies market. Marketers and advertisers are facing limited options for promoting their content amongst the Bitcoin community, and just a few small content agencies and specialized blogs seem to be able to keep up the pace through self-developed marketing solutions.

Before rushing into conclusions regarding how to address this controversial subject, companies must first and foremost be fully aware of the scope of such uncanny and particular ecosystem. Businesses seeking to integrate the Bitcoin platform into their services must first identify a reliable agency with expertise in the cryptocurrencies field. The digital era brought along many opportunities and, sadly, it also became the perfect opportunity for unscrupulous people to rip off other individuals; the scams are countless, so, in reality, the only way to thrive and achieve success in the Bitcoin community is through the creation of valuable and genuine content, highlighting, of course, the importance of cryptocurrencies. Since people are still reluctant to get deep into the what Bitcoin has to offer — which is normal, given its nature — , marketers and advertisers ought to combine both trustiness and awareness while promoting this type of content. Otherwise, they will fail in their attempt for success.



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