Online Reputation: Why It Matters For Your Business

A good online reputation helps you build customer loyalty and increase your sales.

Would you trust someone you’ve just been introduced to with a secret? Would you trust a complete stranger with your money? No matter how nice they seem or how good they look, we don’t think so. To trust a person, you need more than words, you need actions. To trust a company, you need actions too. That’s why, before starting a business relationship, you look for references. Information that gives you clues about their philosophy, track record and, of course, about their products and services.

This is what is known in online marketing as online reputation: a series of elements that tell you about their prestige as a brand and that can mark the beginning of a long-lasting relationship or its end. In this list we would find the comments that customers, consumers or the media make about a company, but also the information that a company shares on social networks and the web.

Why you should take care of your online reputation

Having a good online reputation is as important for your company as having a good product or service. Not only will your visibility and trust depend on it. Your sales will also depend on it.

1. It influences your brand image

Although online reputation and brand image are not the same thing, they are closely related. Any comment made about your company or any action you take in the digital world has a direct impact on your digital prestige and the image you project as a brand. Taking care of it, therefore, is fundamental.

2. It attracts your potential customer

Did you know that, according to a study by Status Labs, 60% of consumers distrust a brand with negative reviews? In a hyper-connected world like this, having a good online reputation will not only help you to improve your brand image, but also to attract undecided consumers and convert them into potential customers. A positive review can make a user choose your products and services and vice versa.

3. It improves your positioning

Google takes into account several parameters when positioning a website. One of them? Your online reputation. Working on aspects such as the content of your site, incoming links or positive reviews will help you to improve your SEO, to climb positions in the search engine and, therefore, to gain visibility and sales.

Besides, there is no better sign of prestige than being on the first page of Google.

4. It helps you build loyalty

Have you heard of the expression “money calls money”? The same goes for online reputation. The better it is, the more chances you have to reach new customers and have them become prescribers. And the best example of a reputable company is a portfolio of satisfied, repeat customers.

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