Online Reputation Management: Your Image Is At Stake

In times of social media, blogs, forums and rating portals, misinformation and harmful rumours are not uncommon on the internet. Negative reviews are visible to everyone and can damage your reputation permanently. Potential customers who use search engines to find out about you, your products or your services can stumble across these negative issues and be put off by them, which can in turn significantly affect your business performance.

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  • Social Media: Platforms such as Facebook, Twitter or YouTube enable interaction between provider and consumer and offer the opportunity to convey a positive corporate image.
  • Search engine optimization (SEO): The internet presence acts as a business card for your company and enables users to get a picture of you and your services. The key here is to ensure that your website is what comes up first when people search for your brand. An optimized website leads to a better search engine ranking and thus increases your visibility.
  • Link building: The building of backlinks also contributes to a higher visibility on search engines. High-quality links with good content also strengthen your image.
  • Removal of negative contributions: False information and negative entries damage your reputation. In order to have reputation-damaging entries removed or modified, direct contact with the operators of the respective homepages and portals helps.
  • Content Management: Content is key! High-quality website content is becoming more and more important, because it will not only strengthen your ranking in search engines, but it will also contribute to a positive image.

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