Online Reputation Management for Hotels

Your good reputation is your capital. What applies to companies in general, naturally applies to hotels as well. The opinions of former holidaymakers have a major influence on whether someone is willing to book a room in your hotel or not.

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  • SEO measures — Positive messages about your hotel should receive more attention than negative ones. Therefore it is important to rank positive messages higher in search engines. This includes, for example, a hotel website that is as informative as possible for visitors and offers real added value. Positive reviews of popular travel websites or travel bloggers can also achieve good rankings in search result lists.
  • Generation of positive ratings — The generation of positive ratings on major rating portals, which are prominently displayed in the search results lists of search engines, is also important.
  • PR measures — By implementing classic PR measures such as press releases, interviews with hotel operators and employees, competitions, seasonal campaigns and the like, you can also control the development of a positive reputation.

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