Online Reputation Management: 6 Ways To Reinforce A Positive Image

Online reputation is the image or prestige of a brand, company or person on the Internet. It is not simply the image that the brand or company itself projects on the Internet; online reputation is also made up of the news, opinions, comments and information that other users generate in online media, whether forums, blogs or social networks.

Being visible to search engines and therefore to communities through well-positioned content, acting with transparency and responding to each and every user whenever they make reference to our brand are some of the key factors that determine a good online reputation or digital reputation.

A good online image can lead to an increase in visits and sales, which is why it is so important to take care of what is said about us on the Internet. The correct management of your company’s reputation is key to gaining new clients and building loyalty among current clients.

For this reason, here are some tips on how to manage the image and reputation of your brand on the Internet.

1. Generate a brand and image strategy

You must bear in mind that the brand spreads both on and offline, so you must work on corporate communication both online and offline. Depending on the channel you mostly work with, you will need to treat communication in one way or another, but always within the same communication strategy.

Nonetheless, your focus should always be on the customer and their own satisfaction. Every action taken in the offline environment has repercussions in the online world and vice versa, so maintaining a strategy of cooperation in both lines of action is essential.

2. Regularly monitor your digital presence

It is essential to monitor what is said about your company on the Internet. There are different alert systems that daily collect each of the mentions directed at your brand — the best known tool is Google Alerts.

There are different options for tracking your own image as well as effective tools that provide solutions and allow immediate response to possible problems that arise on the network, achieving an improvement in your digital reputation — most of them are available online, either free or paid. Some social media platforms also have integrated tools that provide insight into your efforts.

3. Exploit content marketing

Content is king. To appear on the first pages of Google you have to develop a good content marketing strategy. The contents must be published with a certain frequency, continuously and must be of a quality appreciated by the user.

Apart from creating the different brand accounts on social media, it is necessary to generate interesting, updated content, with the presence of multimedia format and without integrated advertising that stops the interest of the user who visits us.

4. Presence on social media

Each social network has different characteristics and audiences. Social networks make it easier for us to disseminate the content we create. You must know how to target the audiences in each of the networks you use and, above all, target those communities that have common interests in the products and services offered by the brand.

5. Collaborate with other digital media

Within the communication plan, you must take into account those blogs or media focused on your sector. It is important to send press releases or contents of interest that offer the possibility of being included in these media. As long as the content offered is of quality, your brand will gain presence on the Internet.

6. Measuring the results obtained

It is essential to keep monitoring factors in mind. Measuring results allows you to compare and analyse the evolution experienced by the strategy you have established at the beginning. It is important to measure to check if your efforts are effective, if the time invested is rewarded and the money spent generates the expected benefits. If not, you must re-evaluate your strategy and assess what changes you will make from then on.

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