Online Marketing Tips for Beginners

Online marketing is simply a must nowadays! No more marketing without using the possibilities of the different online platforms. But how do you start as a beginner in online marketing? How do you make the first steps? We have once summarized six aspects that we believe are important if you want to use online marketing successfully as a beginner.

1. Your own website

Your own website is the linchpin for all online marketing activities. You have control over the content, can design the site according to your wishes and are independent from other channels. You can create your own website relatively easily. Usually you reserve a domain, book a web space with a provider, install WordPress and a template and off you go.

A clear structure and an attractive design are important criteria for a user-friendly website. Content should also be visually prepared to captivate the user. If you don’t want to do all this yourself, you will surely find a digital agency or freelancer who can help you out. Your own website offers a point of contact and anchor for the most important online marketing activities — that’s why a professional web presence is essential.

2. Social Media Marketing

Social Media can be used not only for private use, but also for business purposes. Therefore you should be present on the social media channels that are also used by your customers. Facebook, YouTube and Instagram are certainly the most popular choices when it comes to the end customer business. But social networks such as LinkedIn, Twitter or YouTube can also be used intelligently and efficiently in the B2B area. It is assumed that the use of these platforms is not only interesting for the distribution of content, but that the generation of reach via advertisements also has a future.

3. Generate reach

As a beginner, use the possibilities of online marketing to generate reach. Your potential customers must be able to get to know your offer and get in touch with you. To do this, as many people in your target group as possible must become aware of your company and your products or services. In marketing we then talk about reach.

You should work out a target group profile and thus have a clear picture of who you want to reach. Increase your level of awareness in the relevant target group by placing ads in social media channels, doing search engine optimization or using Google Ads to lead visitors to your website. If the customer knows you, then they can also contact you.

4. Find the WOW Point

The question you should ask yourself is: When is the customer Wowed? How do you deal with the generated reach? Where do you want to lead the customer along their customer journey? Should they buy directly from our online store, should they call and talk to a sales representative or should they visit a branch? Offer a unique customer experience from the moment a prospect visits your website to when they finish buying your product. The successful conversion, for example the conversion of the target person into a customer, distinguishes the online marketing professional from the beginner.

If you now know how to use the online marketing platforms for yourself, the following is about how your know-how can help you develop from a beginner to an expert in online marketing.

5. Continuous Learning

Learn from experienced professionals. Have a look around, save websites you like and share your experiences with other users. Above all, it is important that you continue to learn. Simple YouTube videos and the greatest tips and tricks will only get you ahead if you already have the basic knowledge to evaluate the new information and implement it in a goal-oriented manner.



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