Online Marketing: The Success Factor for Start-Ups

The marketing of young companies and startups faces significantly different challenges than that of established companies. For one thing, in most cases there is no large marketing or sales department, and for another, the brand is often still quite unknown. The offering may even be unrivaled, which is good on the one hand because a niche has been found here, but on the other hand also means that potential customers do not even know that the product or service exists in the form offered.

This scenario occurs time and again, especially in the IT sector. So startups have to become known, generate leads and customers, build up a sales force, and usually keep costs manageable in the process. For most, this means they should focus their efforts on online marketing first. And to make that work as well as possible, here are 5 startup tips for successful online marketing.

1. Get more visitors to your site

If you want to become better known, you need more visitors. They don’t fall from the sky, but find their way to your site via search engines. If you want to be found there, you need a decent ranking, preferably among the first ten results. It therefore makes sense to think about effective SEO from the outset.

2. Increase your reach

Another method of getting more visitors and becoming better known overlaps with SEO work — increasing your reach. In this case, that specifically means using social media and email marketing. Share your buzz on your potential customers’ channels and give them the opportunity to share your content.

3. Align your profile with the customer

Speaking of content — online marketing, and especially content marketing needs the right content. Start thinking about your content strategy early. Create content that helps your customers, that makes them see which of their problems your offering is the solution to, how the solution works, and why they should choose you.

Also, position yourself as an expert in your subject area with a company blog — this way you will look more credible to your future customers, be more easily remembered, raise your profile and increase your relevance.

4. Convert more visitors to leads

Convert visitors to leads via landing pages and with targeted email marketing campaigns, creating the foundation for your customer base. Collect data on your visitors’ usage patterns so you know what interests them. You can now use the contact information your visitors have provided in exchange for their content to contact them in turn.

5. Be careful with your resources

Especially at the beginning of a business start-up, one resource is scarce and that is money. The biggest advantage of online marketing is certainly that a lead is generated considerably cheaper than with classic marketing measures. In other words, you keep money left over that you can use elsewhere.

Courage and enthusiasm are two qualities that all start-ups must have if they want to hold their own in the market. The courage to face this very market and the enthusiasm for the developed product or the offered service. These two characteristics make them likeable and convincing. But no startup can survive on sympathy alone. Above all, it needs successful marketing. In particular, linking your marketing efforts with data from and about your customers thus turns your website into a real sales tool that will continue to work for the success of your business in the future.



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