Online Marketing: How Do You Measure Brand Recognition?

With today’s technological advances, it is important and necessary for companies to be identified by users. For this, learning how to measure brand recognition will be very useful. Having control of these metrics is not an easy task. That is why we have for you the best tips to learn how to measure brand recognition.

Public relations, social networks, brand personality are very important, but so is achieving the recognition of your audience. To do this you must track the performance of these metrics, otherwise you will never know if they are working.

What is brand awareness?

Brand recognition is the ability of consumers to identify you, to remember you spontaneously or to turn to you as their first choice when they need to meet a need that you can solve. When this happens, it means that your brand has a good level of recognition and that customers can identify with it and differentiate it from the competition.

Here are some points to keep in mind when learning how to measure brand awareness:

1. Analyze your website traffic.

This metric is a good measure of your brand’s impact and awareness. Reviewing it over a period of time will give you information about growth. The traffic analysis on your website comes from users who directly entered the link in their browser to access the site. This means they remembered your brand URL.

Imagine that! The more people know about you, the more time they will spend on your page, which you can also take advantage of to apply surveys on your website to get feedback on your users’ needs and make the necessary improvements.

2. Measure referral traffic

If you are learning how to measure brand awareness, this metric is very important for you.

Backlinks or referral traffic are very important to improve the SEO of your website, this can raise the level of searches for your company, give visibility to your brand and attract new audiences.

Look for referral traffic to increase constantly and for it to be of quality and relevant to your website, otherwise your visibility rate in searches will go down, and this does not help brand recognition.

3. Track the value of earned media

Earned media is all the publicity your brand receives without you having paid for it. When your brand is mentioned in an article or report, word spreads and your brand recognition increases.

Tracking this metric gives you an idea of how many people your brand reaches, as opposed to your competitors, through earned media. This allows you to improve and concentrate your efforts in the different activities you carry out to make your brand known from the organization.

4. Observe the impact on social networks

The next important metric to keep in mind when learning how to measure brand awareness is the impact your organization has on social media. Measuring your social media engagement gives you an idea of how your content is reaching a community and diversifying organically.

This indicator allows you to listen to your users, know their thoughts about your brand and the number of followers, which the higher the number, the higher the recognition.

You can take advantage of the use of surveys for social networks, share content frequently with your followers, but relevant content that encourages their participation and recognition.

5. Apply surveys

One of the most important ways to measure brand recognition is through surveys. These are applied with the objective of asking users if they feel familiar with your brand and how they found out about it.

Do regular research and obtain relevant information about your brand awareness. This way you will have an understanding of how people hear about you and the number of people who remember your brand.

Brand awareness is extremely important in consumers’ decision making when they are in the process of choosing between several options during a purchase. Learning how to measure brand awareness will allow you to create better marketing strategies and focus your efforts on the factors that increase the number of consumers who can remember you.

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