Maybe it’s time for you to get into mobile apps development and its positioning

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Many people are lagging behind in Search Online Optimization because they do not understand the importance of mobile apps development. In many cases, the difficulty of understanding the relevance of this underlies that they may not distinguish between web apps and mobile apps. Let’s start here.

Web apps, unlike mobile apps, can be used using the same devices: smartphones, laptops, desktops and tablets, while mobile apps can only be used by using smartphones, at least in a large majority. Users download these programs and install them on their phones, sometimes for free, and simply click on their icons on the main menu of their smartphones in order to use them. They don’t have to open the browser app, go to Google, type the name of the web app they need on the search bar and then use it. Mobile apps save you all that time and battery.

Many companies have understood that the use of smartphones is the main means to access the Internet, and that this trend is growing exponentially. For this reason, they have decided to focus on the creation of mobile apps, which users use and prefer more than web apps nowadays. Even a large number of companies prefer to stop investing too much in their brand websites, and, instead, they have created apps that allow users to access their contents, as well as purchasing for the products or services of that particular brand.

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One of the most important trends in apps development is application streaming. This way of transmitting information, especially music, has become quite popular during the recent years for several reasons. The first one is that users are no longer forced to download (illegally in most cases, taking into account the legal risks and malware infections involved) musical content, but only have to have access to a Wi-Fi network and click on the song, album or playlist they want to listen. A good example is Spotify. This app can be used for free (in exchange for listening too many ads,) or users can pay a few dollars a month in exchange for unlimited music. This also catches the attention of users, who no longer need to store endless gigabytes of information on their devices. Finally, many people feel better knowing that they are not stealing anything to anyone, and that the use of their applications is perfectly legal.

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On the other hand, companies have other incentives, namely, App Store Optimization (ASO): the equivalent of search engine optimization, when it comes to apps. Google is interested in helping people to find the information they require (among other things, of course,) and that is why it covers both the web apps front, as well as mobile apps. Google Play is a platform that allows users to find the apps they need through the use of Google services. Of course, the positioning in this search engine for smartphones also has its rules of positioning.

It is vital to understand that the goal of this form of positioning is simply to attract more traffic to an app site in the APP Store.

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Just like in the case of websites, there are millions of mobile apps in the top apps stores, and the great concern of the creators of these programs is to have enough visibility. Creating a wonderful app is not enough and does not guarantee success by itself. Therefore, the ASO process requires a thorough analysis of who your potential customers are, focusing primarily on the keywords they will use to find applications similar to yours.

There is good news: While it is true that there are millions of apps available in every store, competing to be on top of each other, the reality is surprising, since most of its creators are not investing a penny or a second of their time in ASO optimization. That is why it is fundamental to think of an appropriate ASO strategy, and dedicate so much time, money and energy that you dedicate, for example, to digital marketing or SEO of your brand. That will make a difference (at least by now.)

According to an article published by Search Engine Land, “SEOs who are not paying attention to apps are missing a large part of the mobile SEO picture. Even if your company does not have an app, recent changes to Google mobile results allow apps to compete with your website for the same rankings. In many cases, app results are winning.

In addition to Google’s Deep Linking changes, which focus on crawling and ranking internal app screens, there have been significant changes to the way Google ranks entire apps, often directly at the top of the search results.”

So, in terms of mere statistics, having mobile apps instead of web apps, and, moreover, successfully positioning apps on Google Play, maybe will not make you a millionaire from night to morning, but at least it will give you a lot of work and money flowing.




Your search results affect how people perceive you. Learn how ReputationDefender can help protect your online reputation.

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Your search results affect how people perceive you. Learn how ReputationDefender can help protect your online reputation.

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